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Plus Lens
Dear People with imagination -- to see a BETTER solution.

NoBones (as he admits) is transfer from

It is wish to trash Bates, and he has a general
contempt for anyone espousing preventive

He has attempted to "trash" Soon's site.  It think
it is VERY IMPORTANT that you know the goal
of "NoBones" and realize he is not here to help you.

Further information on stair-case myopia, (where
the natural eye "adapts" to that "near" environment).

There have been at least six studies DOCUMENTING
this stair-case myopia.  The AVERAGE DOWN rate
was -1/2 diopter per year for ALL THOSE WHO
BEGAN TO WEAR THAT wretched minus lens -- that
Bates warned us against.

The Soon site, just summarizes that basic fact.

This is why, in my judgment, the 1913 study should be
repeated (students cleared their Snellen from
20/70 to 20/20 -- by Bates method).

LEVEL what Bates said about the minus.


He is attempting to tell you to IGNORE science
and facts.  Be wise here, and have the
imagination to see a better solution.

Just one man's opinion.

Bones you are the one who is being insulting and unreasonable.  You are the one who intentionally disregards all the arguments, so arguing with you is very useless.

NoBones Wrote:I've been looking into this stuff for the last two years (ever since I decided that I was tired of wearing glasses).

I've seen a bunch of studies that show that negative lenses don't make myopia worse, just as shoes don't make feet longer and haircuts don't cause hair to grow.

That doesn't mean I don't want to make my eyesight better, though.  They're just two different issues.
First of all, you cannot compare feet or hair to the eyes.  It's like comparing a rock to a car and asking "how a car rolls up the hill?"
If you are so certain that the minus lens has no effect on the eye, then you should wear the minus lens.  GO FOR IT, we won't stop you.  Let us know how it works out.

The beauty in the Bates method is that you are your own subject.  If you trust those "studies" of yours, and are so certain about an idea to the point that you disregard other arguments then you should try it for yourself and improve your eyes to 20/20 while using the minus lens.

Let us know how it turns out.
Good luck,
Paul Wrote:Bones you are the one who is being insulting and unreasonable. 

I was?  Where?
otis Wrote:There have been at least six studies DOCUMENTING
this stair-case myopia. 

Then it shouldn't be tough to point me toward them.  Right?

I'd be interested in seeing these studies.  From your posts on, it seems that you are less than candid about many studies.  People have posted links to the actual studies and they didn't support your contention.
Dear Reader.

I will not respond to NoBones from

The studies are published.  If you wish more
information on the nature of these studies
please contact me at:

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otis Wrote:Dear Reader.

I will not respond to NoBones from

I know why.  I wonder if anybody else does.

You're making stuff up.  I am NOT trying to get in the way of anybody who wants to improve their vision without Western medicine intervening.

Somebody should get in the way of your efforts to frighten people with dishonesty, though.  It's not right to claim that you have "science" to back you up, but then refuse to put forth what that science is.

Just because people want to improve their eyesight doesn't mean that they're eager to be mislead.  I think that they can make wise decisions if people are honest with them.

Otherwise, what makes you different from the "majority-opinion OD's" that you revile?
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