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recovery from presbyopia
@manoka: I think what Bates meant was that remembering black is significantly more difficult when you are in some sort of pain. I don't know how anyone can help in that case either, except maybe to provide moral support and motivation.

As for the second statement, I don't think Bates is saying that those with poor vision cannot learn to imagine black. What he is saying is that anyone who has good vision can definitely learn to imagine black, and can do so relatively quickly. Of course, it's a little strange because theoretically, if you can imagine black perfectly, then you must have good vision. The good vision allows you to imagine black perfectly, but imagining black imperfectly may be able to relax you in a manner that will improve the vision. Chicken or the egg, I guess.
Sounds good. But it doesn't work for me. So I got a question. You said you did lots of palming and it did good for your sight. Then why in the world does the principles of Relearning to see book says just to relax, central fixation, and shifting????? It says other methods like palming are not necessary. Why are they not necessary? And why is shifting chosen as necessary?

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