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Sagging eyelids
My neighbor has upper eyelids that sag so he looks like he's asian.  After palming, he told me his eyelids stopped sagging.  How is this so?  He is farsighted.
Also, I've noticed that his eyelids are sagging less when I took a close look at him.
Otter, that's certainly interesting.

I guess it shows that treatment by relaxation can cure a lot more than just your eyesight, eh?
I thought i read something about this several days ago from someone.  He thought that the tension on his face was going away because his head hurts after palming or something.
oh by the way kazekage,  what kind of exercises do you do in front of the snellen chart?  Like for example, do you look at a letter, imagine it perfectly, then look at it?  Tell me what you do.

One more thing, what do you do or think about while you palm in order to induce a clear flash?
dang less people on forums during summer.
hi Otter, it's just this question has been addressed many times.
Here is a good post made by Spock:

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There are many others if you search for them.

No question is bad, but I think people aren't answering because in many threads you've been asking a large number of basic questions, and most of them would be answered for you more thoroughly in a couple of books. I don't encourage anyone to try to learn this stuff through this forum alone, as they'll be picking up bits and pieces of information and sometimes contradictory opinions. And I'm not totally sure you've followed up in trying the exercises that you've been pointed towards in previous threads, but if you did, it would be good to post your problems with them. There are a couple good books online here:

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