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the fundamental principle
It's almost 3AM as I start this, and I have a hard time coming up with words when I'm tired and have a hard time translating into words, but... I need a speech to text program. But Bates has that intro in his book, "The Fundamental Principle," and it kind of hints at a core concept that really underlies everything and makes it so fundamentally different from the presuppositions that conventional eye care, or conventional medical care in general.

Newcomers get confused about why something that would help with myopia would also help with a seemingly opposite condition, hyperopia, or even with other vision or eye conditions that seem totally unrelated. It really all just goes back to health being the dominant current that we belong in and can easily stay in unless we become "locked off" as they say and get focused on things that are not in harmony with our inner being. I was just listening to Abraham talk about this, how there's really nothing innate in us that says we should degrade over time.

Basically what this means for vision is it'll work absolutely fine unless something interferes with the way you do things. Vision problems really do reflect the disparities in the way you do everything else or the disparity between what you're doing and what your inner desire is, the latter of which is always right. What this means is there isn't anything that anyone has to actually do to their eyes to make them see clearly. They'll already do that, because the only way for them not to do it is by some action that is in contrast to the natural flow of things. In other words, it's the easiest thing in the world to have perfect vision, and it takes some kind of force to change that. And the force inevitably was in some way initiated by us and can be stopped at any time, resulting in vision rapidly returning to normal. So that's why we talk so much about letting go, relaxing, relieving strain... it's not about doing anythign to the eyes to make them better, or even get them to function better like some sort of machine that has to be fine-tuned. The beautiful thing is that they can already do that on their own, and that like vision, everything else works out given the intention and the state of allowing.

So when someone asks, "What do I need to do to improve my vision?", nowadays I might respond with saying that you don't need to improve your vision. Your vision and eyes are already perfect, or they would be if you would stop interfering. What you really need to do is not try to make something better but figure out what it is you're already doing that's the problem.

It's like a group of pirates take over this ship that for no explicable reason seems to be tipping over. So they try putting extra weight on the starboard side, and it sort of helps, but they run into problems turning the ship without it getting unbalanced. And they keep having to move the weight around. For some inexplicable reason, it doesn't seem to stay the same all the time, and when the ship tips it ends up messing up their sails and the way they're catching the wind, as well as throwing some crew overboard. So it goes on like this for some time, and the captain gets reasonably competent at doing all these extra things to keep the ship balanced and not tip over every time he makes a turn. Then one sunny day the captain smacks his forehead - he suddenly remembers that prior to initially boarding the ship, he had a rowboat full of crew go swim under the vessel, which had been occupied by British soldiers at the time, and push the boat from underneath in varying directions so as to make it tip, knocking things and people aboard around such that it would be easier for the pirates to board and take over in the disarray, and after boarding. The pirate captain had forgotten all about it as he had been attempting the sail this new ship the last couple of months, and his very own crew were still swimming underneath the ship shoving it this way and that. It was never the ship's fault at all.

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