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foundation of imagination
In his article “A Study of Imagination� by Dr. Bates, he describes what he callls “the foundation test.�

Dr. Bates describes his sessions with patients as he guides them in finding what he calls the foundation of their imagination. For instance, the patient “took as the foundation of imagination the memory of the letter’o’ ,,, with a white center as white as snow and the letter moving from side to side a short distance, not more than its own width.� Note that Dr. Bates says, “She took,� implying that the patient choose or selected the “foundation� of her own treatment.

Dr. Bates than recounts his dialogue with the patient as he guides her imperfect imagination. With the “foundation� of her imagination the letter “o�, Dr. Bates asks the patient a series of questions: can she see this, can she see that, all of which she cannot see. He then asks her if she can imagine the light from a window at the same time that she imagines the letter “o�. She says she can do that. Now, he says, imagine there is no window, can you still imagine the “o�. The patient learns that when she can imagine the truth (the window is there), she can imagine the “o� perfectly, but when her imagination is mistaken (the window she imagines not there, really is there), she loses her perfect imagination of the “o’ that served as the "foundation". The dialogue for this session continues, but you can read it for yourself in our on-line library.

Dr. Bates says, “The foundation test is usually very variable. ... Some patients require a different foundation test from others. Rarely do I find many people who use the same foundation test. In some cases the imagination cure is more efficient when the patient regards the foundation of his imagination rather than when he remembers or imagines it.� The patient looks at the Snellen “with the foundation at a distance at which he sees it best� and imagines one side of the letter. Imagined correctly, the patient, Dr. Bates says, “will see that the reaction of the foundation is normal, or in other words, “he has imagined one side of the unknown letter at twenty feet with his imagination of the foundation at a near point where he sees it best. When all four sides are imagined correctly it helps the patient to tell or imagine what the letter is, which is confirmed by the reaction of the foundation at a near point. In some cases, what a patient imagines of the four sides of the unknown letter at twenty feet, might be the same for two or more letters. The letter "B" has four sides which resemble the four sides of the letter "D". If he imagines it to be a letter "B" correctly the foundation reaction will be more perfect than if he imagines it to be a letter "D" which is incorrect. Some times all four sides are open as is the case with the letters A, I, V, W, X, Y. When the letter is imagined correctly the reaction of the foundation is always best.�

In this one article Dr. Bates uses the term “foundation�  eleven times. “By this,� says Dr. Bates, “and other methods, patients .... accomplish unusual results.�

I am suggesting that what Dr. Bates calls the “foundation test� may have been his core method for facilitating rapid progress for so many patients amd the first method he employed in every “imagination cure�.

Can anyone point directly to other references to “foundation of imagination� or “the foundation test� elsewhere in the available Bates’ corpus? I am interested to open this topic for discussion in order to learn about other Bates practitioners’ experiments utilizing a “foundation of imagination�.
What struck me in Dr. Bates’ discussion of  “foundation testing�, is his use of a series of objects of imagination in combination with each patient’s own  “foundation of imagination�. His patients ascertained perfect imagination by assisting them in imagining both true and false objects simultaneously.

By juxtaposing both true and false objects of imagination with the “foundation� object, the patients were able to experience perfect imagination. As a result, his patients were able to clearly see the “foundation�, and this Dr. Bates calls the “reaction of the foundation�.

And, importantly, it seems to me, Dr. Bates is demonstrating how it is possible to hold more than one object in the imagination simultaneously. This clarifies for me how different is imagination than concentration. Concentration directs the attention to a single object, whereas the imagination is a quality of the active mind.

When imagination is true and conforms to reality, the “foundation� (an object known with certainty to be true) is seen clearly. When imagination is false, clear sight of the “foundation� is lost. Thus,  Dr. Bates proves that when imagination true and perfect, concomitantly, quality of vision is clear and unlimited.

Therefore, I conclude that we are slower than Dr. Bates’ patients in clearing our vision because often when we think we are using our imagination, we are actually concentrating (mentally staring).
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
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Hello, dear Kaze,

I caught your meaning right away when you said you had done high-speed "photoreading", i.e., you searched the electronic and other available Bates texts, for "foundation of imagination", etc. Your time and trouble taken is much appreciated by me!

All the best, Catherine
Kaze is familiar with photoreading?  by Paul Sheele?

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Dear Vision-restoration friends,

Subject:  Creative, scientific imagination.

I think it is essential to science that we develop new
concepts and ideas.

I think that the "standard" OD is stuck in his office
with the idea that if he makes your vision, very VERY sharp
in five minutes -- he is PERFECT.

He then jumps to the conclusion that since he is PERFECT,
then his method is "science"


I strong object to that concept.  It blocks his imagination
to see alternative (preventive) methods that could
be effective in clearing your Snellen from
20/80 to pass all the DMV tests.

This is of course the "challenge" set up by Bates
in 1913.

I would like to see an effort where the kids and
parents are educated FIRST, and the, use
their own Snellen and verify their clearing
by THEIR reading of their Snellen.

Bates insists it is possible.  Why are'nt we doing it?

Just one man's question.


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