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Memory exercises
Can anyone give me a list of eye exercises related to memory that they do in front of teh snellen chart?
I know only one exercise and that is looking up close a letter and remembering it.  Then going far away and glancing at it then closing eyes and imagining the letter to be like it was up close, which is perfect.
dang no one responding today
Hi Otter
Hey, give us a chance...    Smile

The example you give is a good one.  Have a smaller version of the Snellen chart in your hand, and when you get to a letter not seen clearly on the distant chart, compare how the same letter looks on the chart you are holding close.  Knowing what a letter is will mean you are less likely to strain or squint to see it at the distance, and that more relaxed way of looking may help you recognize its shape more easily.  The better you remember the shape of a letter, the easier it will be to see it.

Also, with your eyes closed, imagine the letter to be very black and imagine seeing a small part of the letter most clearly and darkest black.  This point of darkest black is not static, it should be seen or imagined as constantly moving.  Check if you see this with eyes open too.

There are many more tips related to viewing eye-charts effortlessly, so don't get caught in just practicing your memory.  Let relaxation and ease be your main goals.

Enjoy your path to clarity.
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