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I cant relax my eyes...
I posted this in "off topic" as well, but..
Heres my problem.

My eyes will not relax, at all, and when I close them and try to relax them, they come open and wont stay relaxed or closed.

This is creating some problems and I really need to know if someone can help me identify the problem. And correct it.

Thanks... =]
Sure steton,
However, I'd like to remind you that the eyes are very lively and dynamic.  When they are very active, it is difficult for everyone to close them.  I sometimes have trouble closing them during the afternoon when I get plenty of sleep the night before.  However, if you feel lots of strain that you are unable to relieve, then there are some things you can try.

Have you tried palming?
No, actually I havnt, can you tell me what that is?

I think I have an idea.. if its massaging your eyes, then I have tried it, but without any results.
The main reason I need to keep my eyes closed, is because of my meditative practices, and relaxation is extremely, like, top of the line important for what I am doing, so, naturally this is a block for me.
Ok, I read over about palming, now.

I have been trying this, however, my eyes seems to want to move onheir ownin a way that causes my eyes to simply open, and I cannot find a way to control this while relaxing my eyes.
I had similar problems and just got rid of em. Try to practice only if you feel like it and you are focused on it. When you feel like closing your eyes, let them close. If you feel like opening them, open them. It just has to become natural again.

I had improvements on that issue and since then I noticed more of a blackness when i closed my eyes for sleeping e.g.

Good Luck
If you're trying meditation at the same time, have you ever tried this: fill a sock with kernels of corn or uncooked rice.  Tie the end.  Warm the filled sock (don't make it hot) in the microwave and place it over your closed eyes for ten or so minutes while you meditate (lay down or tilt your head back if sitting).  Its the same principle as sunning, but easy and safe.  I don't know if sunning is a good idea or not.
Kazekage Wrote:lol, they suggest that on '' as well

That's where I learned about it.

Quote:I don't think it is anywhere near as good as sunning

Steton, palming and sunning are very good for what you want to accomplish.  I don't think you have been doing palming correctly.  There are a few things to keep in mind while palming.  The first is to ensure your hands are warm.  You can warm your hands by rubbing them and/or washing them with warm water and soap (as sweaty hands tend to cool fast). 
While palming you must not touch your eye or your eye lids.  Make sure your hands touch only the bone around the eye socket, which houses many acupuncture points that allow your eyes to relax when warmth is applied.  This is why it is absolutely important to have your hands warm. 
Do not apply too much pressure with your palms, but apply some.  Apply the right amount of pressure to induce comfort. 
Make sure there is very little or no light entering through your palms. 
When done right, and when no light is entering, you should see no difference in the visual image between having your eyes closed or open - black should be seen in both cases.  At this point you may let your eyes free.  If they want to be open, let them be open, if you want to close or remain half-open, let them.  If they want to be half-open, let them.  The idea is that at this point you ignore the eyes and cannot tell the difference between having them open or closed.  Try to think of relaxing images while palming.  Bates suggested imagining a perfectly black letter.  After several minutes of palming, your eyes should close automatically. 

Another technique that you can try is self-hypnosis  Smile.  Lie down, close your eyes, and IMAGINE that you cannot open your eyes.  Perhaps they are stuck closed, too heavy to lift, or too relaxed to even try.  Then, ever so gently, try to open your eyes, not too hard, just so you can feel the effect of your own imagination.

Good luck,
Let me know if anything worked,

PS: Steton, what prescription are your glasses?  or are you interested in this solely  achieve visual relaxation?  Do you have any eye conditions?
Yeah, Dave.  That's how he "baits" people alright.

[edit: otis's message disappeered.  i was responding to what he typed]
Thanks for all your replies.. =]

Paul.. I have glasses but I hardly ever wear them, my vision is slightly off, but barely and only with distance, fine detials get blurry.
I also noticed that things outside of my preferred vision area are much more blurry, or even almost covered by a mass of color, depending on the object.

I am here mostly for the eye-relaxation, as it has been a major problem for me with meditation, as I am extremely devoted to the spiritual aspect of things.

But I am also very interested in this method, because I believe that everything is connected, they the eyes work, the way the mind works, the way your foot works, everything.
And by learning this, I am that much closer to understanding the human mind, and in that, am able to explain, practice, make things up, infer, etc.

Self-hypnosis might work.. however, I have tried that before without success, the same method that you mentioned. And, what I would like to note is that in order to truly hypnotise or self-hypnotise.. a person must have the pathways to thier subconscious open, you do this by shutting off the conscious mind, and you do that through complete relaxation of the body, and then of the mind.

This is where I am stuck, due to my eyes, because I cannot release my attention from them, if I am manually holding them closed.

But, I am about to go try those palming methods that you just mentioned, (you were right about me not dong it right), and ill get back to you on the results, thanks. =]

PS. I have no eye conditions that I am aware of, except that my eyes become very dry, especially in the morning, even as I drink plenty of water.

Im pretty sure Ive found the right place for my problem, when I read your replies, my spine chakras start activating, in a kundalini-like expression of telling me (this it it).

That always happens when I find something very important...
So, I am glad to have found this site..


I did palming for a few minutes..
The first time my vision seemed to get better slightly for awhile after,
and the second time there was no improvement.

When I relax my eyes, they open completely and never have any inclination to close at all, if I didnt have to close my eyes, its like they never would at all.
Kazekage told me that when you palm the first time you expect no improvement and have a clear flash.  The second time you expect improvement when you palm and so you panic about what to do to get clear flash and you get strain.  You need to be relaxed and have no stress, worry, depression, hunger, etc while you palm.  I just let myself think about something good like imagining a vacation or party coming up.
Ill remember that.

It likely has validity to more than just your eyes, too. =]


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