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the David De Angelis book
Has anyone read this or tried out his method?

I have recently bought this book and cannot make head no tail of it - he seems to advocate eye exercises - looking left and right, up and down and so on and so forth.

I would appreciate any opinions on this?

The book is called How I cured My Myopia. It doesn't rate Bates methods very highly and basically seems to indicate that doing some hard pysical exercises on the eyes will do the trick. It is wrapped in loads of highly techical medical terms to make it sound genuine.

I just wondered if any one had seen itor tried it?

Yeah their idea is that you can tone the extrinsic muscles of your eye.  It doesn't contradict the Bates method, who advocates the idea of strain.  Before the bates method I remember i tried some of these exercises that I found on a website, and they didn't do muchfor me.  I bet it may work for some people.  One man's garbage is another man's treasure.  Wink

From what I have heard from David, he used
BOTH a plus and Bates type of methods.

He credits his own methods to his successful
clearing his Snellen to 20/20.

As Paul said, two people can use EXACTLY the
same method. One will succeed, and the other
will not.  You can never predict these results.

Just one man's opinion.


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