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Hello Everyone,
Very glad to be joining this forum. My name is Otto; not to be confused with Otter who seems to be quite active here.
I am myopic with astigmatism.  Last prescript was from 1999( O.D.:-3.75, O.S.:-4.25).
I've worn glasses since 7th grade. Resented them as uncool from the beginning and felt a sort of failure. (I do believe being aware of the emotions connected with sight deterioration is very important to recovery.)
I've tried Bates 15 years before during a time when I lacked discipline and was much more impatient.  I had some slight improvement as evidenced by notes kept in my copy of Better Sight W/O Glasses. Lately, I've taken up Qi Gung and feel more able to relax my mind and body. In the spirit of healing myself and becoming a more imaginative person(I am a painter) I have leaped into the Bates Method again.  I have taken to wearing 1/2 strength transition glasses when I have to. 

June 15,2007.........10/200.........blurry glimpses of 10/50 while shifting

Perseverance and relaxation to us all!
Funny thing.... The introductions topic was killed the day I registered.
I am member 333. Cosmic Big Grin


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