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Re: What prognosis for myopia due to nerve damage.

I have an acquantaince whose wife suffers from myopia due to early 6-month birth, and the subsequent too much oxygen, which caused optic nerve damage. I think she has about 20/200 unaided vision.

since i'm not too familiar with the bates method and eyes in general, i'd like to hear someone's opinion on the possibility of curing myopia in these kinds of physical eye defects?

thanks Smile,

Before I answer, here is a question to you: How well do glasses correct her eyesight?  To 20/20, perfect clarity, night vision, and adequate color perception? 
Myopia isn't usually caused by nerve damage, which is why I am wondering if there are other effects on the visual perception.

Just keep in mind: people recovered from some very serious physical eye deformations such as optical dystrophy and detached retina using the Bates method.  The benefit of the technique is limitless.  No matter how poor or good your eyesight is, one can always improve it.  If a blind person can benefit from the technique, I think anyone can.

Optic nerve damage usually isn't either but severe retina disease is a complication of premature birth.  In this type of retinal disease the retinal blood vessels grow abnormally causing fibrosis and detachment  and poor sight due to non functioning retina.  Myopia is not a result of oxygen for premature birth, although she may have myopia in addition to retinopathy of prematurity.   .

Bates made claims to be able to treat eye disease, but if her best corrected vision is 20/200 (as opposed to uncorrected vision), the prognosis is not good.

The big question you need to answer is: "What is best corrected vision"?  That will tell you if the problem is simple myopia or retinal disease.  If best corrected vision is good, then myopia treatments should work for her about as well as they do for others.



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