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Re: What's the difference?

What is the difference between shifting, swinging and swaying? I've been reading through Better Eyesight Magazine and the descriptions seem similar. It seems that they all describe moving your eyes from one point to another. Is there really a difference?

And how is memory and imagination different? I'm looking at Vol. XIII, No 5:

"One can improve the memory by alternately remembering a letter with the eyes open and closed."


"Imagine a known letter with the eyes open and with the eyes closed."

How are those different from each other and isn't that kind of the same idea as flashing only with some visualization added?
That trips a lot of people up, I think.

The long swing is turning your body anywhere up to about 180 degrees easily back and forth. It's not you that's doing the long swing - it's the room around that's doing a long swing back and forth.

The short swing is anything smaller than that, or the illusion of the swing while doing anything else.

The sway is when you sort of strafe from foot to foot rather than yaw. It's just an alternative way of noticing the swing. The more your visual system starts to relax, the easier it will be to notice the swing effect over a shorter distance like that, and doing so over a shorter distance helps maintain relaxation because a certain amount of relaxation is required to continue noticing the effect.

Shifting is two things - For one thing it's the way the eyes work when the visual system isn't under strain. They shift virtually effortlessly from point to point instead of trying to take in everything at once by staring. It's mostly an unconscious thing. But there's a way to practice it that's also called shifting, that has to do with looking from letter to letter on the chart, and better yet one part of a letter to the other, until a more natural sort of shifting is temporarily established and it clears up.

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When doing the sway you will also notice the motion parallax.  This means that the objects closer to you move in the opposite direction to a greater extent than those farther from you.  The motion parallax is very relaxing and helps with depth perception.

But aren't they all just different ways to practice moving your eyes? Dr. Bates recommended practicing the sway in front of a snellen chart and noticing how the chart moves back and forth but isn't that just a way of practicing shifting and/or swing (which would it be?)?

And what about this imagination/memory thing? It's been recommended to imagine a known letter and it's been recommended to remember a letter, is there a difference?
Quote:But aren't they all just different ways to practice moving your eyes?

Yes, they are all different ways of dodging the stare.

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