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I had a clearing!!!
I’m writing this to encourage anyone working on natural vision improvement who is older--I am 59, has worn corrective lenses for many years--I wore them for 50 years before beginning NVI, or has significant myopia--my glasses were -8.25/-8.0 with astigmatism corrections when I began.

I have been working on improving my vision for over a year and have had very slow but very steady improvement. The other day, I had my first clearing!!!

I was using the Snellen chart which I have only been doing for the last month. I was sitting about 4 feet from the chart as that is what I need to do to have a few lines to work with. I was beginning to kinda, sorta make out some letters on the 50 and 40 lines and was beginning to work on the 30 line when suddenly everything cleared and I could see the 20 line and was just looking down to the 10 line when I blinked and the clearing disappeared.

I cannot begin to describe the joy which this clearing brought me. The best part of it was having the annoying doubling which is always with me disappear. 

So, even those of us with all the limitations I mentioned above have good vision locked somewhere inside of us. I have renewed motivation and hope this brings encouragement to others as well.

If any of you gurus out there have any advice for me, I would certainly appreciate it.

Anne aka silverlady
Hello, dear Anne,

Thanks so much for letting us know about your clearing. That is so exciting and I am very happy for you! Clearing even temporarily or only in optimum conditions is the harbinger of complete recovery of perfect vision. Your determination and steady progress is an inspiration to me.

Best wishes and regards, Catherine
Congratulations, but I have a question, how did you exactly work with the Snellen Chart?
Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your responses. It is so wonderful to not feel all alone is this quest for improved vision.

Anonym, dear Catherine, the very quick and profound improvement in your farsightedness which you reported continue to stay with me as an inspiration.

BlackEyes, I'm just beginning to get to know you. I was pretty much following the instructions which came with the Snellen I ordered from Dave. I was swinging back and forth across the lines, seeing the "train" move in the opposite direction.

Then, I was shifting back and forth between letters, even those which were only black blurs, practicing "seeing worse." Fortunately, with concentration, I seem to be able to all but fade out the letters on either side of the one I am observing. This brings about a different feeling in my eyes. This time, the feeling morphed into the clearing!

I am happy to report that I've now had one or two less profound clearings with the Snellen and a couple of outdoor clearings of signs with fairly large lettering.

Best wishes to all for a day of vision healing.


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