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It really works in the "blink of an eye"
Thanks for your reply. I found it very interesting. Especially about the cataracts falling out into the coffee. ;D

itsme Wrote:Speaking of stem cells.... actually there are a couple products out right now that are made from Algae,AFA, that help increase your body's own stem cells by 30 % (StemEnhance - and 50% (Stem50 - I have been taking StemEnhance for about 1 month now, I have had no results to speak of ( I am taking it primarily for the scar on my right eye) but I've seen quite a few testimonials, just on vision alone, and the improvements !
It's pretty affordable compared to getting the human kind, so I'm trying it anyways for 1 year. They say one should see results in about 3- 4 months time..

On another note, I have been doing the figure '8' with my finger in front of my eye. I learned this from my kinesiologist.
You can do the figure '8' on anywhere on your body. What it does, is increase the electricity/energy ... I guess you could also call it Chi. My kinesiologist told me, last time, someone did that (I don't know for how long) and their cataracts fell out into their coffee !? pretty cool, huh if you want to believe it ! Anyways, it's an easy exercise to do, and I do find that it helps my eyes feel a lot better when they are tired ! I do 2 rounds of 50 everyday. ;D

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