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Night Blindness
  I would like to add a couple thoughts on this.  On a recent walk at night I caught myself in the act of straining horribly to see objects in the distance.  Funny, but my eyes fear the absence of the  sun's light as much as they fear and avoid its direct radiance .  When I encounter my night blindness, which I no doubt developed while wearing glasses, my anxiety level rises as I reject this perceived character flaw.  How can I be improving if I only notice a positive difference during the sunny hours of the day?  Why do my eyes seem so static and tense when I've been gaining my capacity relax them during the day?  - It feels vulnerable enough to be "blind" in the day but to be even more impaired at night is more unnerving yet.
  I haven't read too much on the personality traits and psychology myopes have in common.  I have, however, had some new awareness of what keeps me from focusing on the world.  When looking out over my neighborhood from a ridge top, becoming aware of all the different trees, houses, garages, cars and various meaningless urban constructs, I notice that on an emotional level I don't want to see all of this clearly.  I don't know how to see all of this clearly.  To have it in the forefront of my mind without feeling a pressure to understand it, to make sense of it is a great challenge.  This is a block to letting things be, to letting my mind be. 
  One could say my myopia came about largely because of this attitude towards information.  Must hurry to make sense of it all! Must come to the correct conclusion and be seen as smart!  I remember straining to see the blackboard in 8th grade American History class shortly before I got my first prescription.  Looking back at that class, the more I strained my eyes to see the board and my mind to follow the stories, the greater my confusion and anxiety.
  As I reclaim my vision life itself changes and I let go of the burdensome ways I have of relating to the world.  Yay!

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