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Pinhole glasses and presbyopia
Hi,  I've just been learning about The Bates Method via the I-Blindness site, and reading about pinhole glasses.  And I haven't really seen anything that tells me when they should be worn, for what eye problems, etc.  I'm 60 years old and always had perfect site till age 42 when I was told I "needed glasses" because of my age.  I now use the drug store magnifiers (strength 150).  Can anyone give me a few pointers on how to start fixing my eyes?  Which exercises are best? Do I want to (or not) use pinholes?

Many thanks - Dyan

IT is up to you whether or not you should wish to use the pinhole glasses. Some people with very high refractive error choose to use the pinholes because, although it is a fundamental principle #1 of Bates that you must completely discard the glasses, the pinhole glasses can be very beneficial in helping those with difficulty in the first stages of the cure, when going cold-turkey without the spectacles would be troublesome for example if the person is unable to attend to his school work or function properly job without the correction.

The pinhole glasses are used because they do not have many of the bad effects of the glasses and are more natural. But 'more natural' is simply not good enough if you want to start making the real good progress with Bates, and the truth is that nothing can beat the natural condition of a free and unhindered eye, without the annoyance of pinholes.

Therefore, the best way to go is to smash the damned things -- if you can afford to do so.
Hi Dyan,

Pinholes are best used as an alternative to regular prescription or drug store glasses that have lenses ground to a particular strength. Pinholes don't force your eyes into having a refractive error in order to see well through them like regular glasses do. But still you should only wear them when absolutely needed and otherwise wear nothing, as seeing without glasses is the goal, after all, and you need to spend as much time going without glasses as you can.

But either way, glasses or pinhole glasses are only of secondary importance in the Bates method - What's more important is how you're using your eyes, so if you have vision problems then the important issue is how often each day you're practicing the Bates exercises to learn to use your eyes better, and then how often you're able to incorporate some of that into your daily seeing habits.

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Don't pinhole glasses help improve central fixation?

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