Poll: Are you left or right handed and which side's your affected eye? particularly, which hand you write with
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Same side (R Hand, R Lazy EyeE) (L Hand, L Lazy Eye)
1 100.00%
Opposite sides (R Hand, L Lazy EyeE) (L Hand, R Lazy Eye)
0 0%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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Lazy Eye Effect Survey
Hi, guys.

I'm new here and just wanted to satisfy a trivial curiosity of mine which I had been wondering about for some time now. I have an eye condition, left eye, which I was told was a lazy eye for almost my entire life, but turns out it isn't;  it has the same result as a lazy eye-- which is basically unusable vision) and I am a lefty, in a lot of things esp. writing. Was just curious if I'm a lefty as an adaptive result of my left eye's condition.

Hehe, I don't know anyone else who has a lazy eye IRL so I can't ask around, so hope this forum indulges meSmile



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