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treatment for macular degeneration
From an email I received, with permission to post here:

"My husband, Charles, was first diagnosed with macular degeneration about ten years ago. He has been told many times that there is no cure and he will not get better, only worse over the years.  Approximately 3 weeks ago I read an article claiming that most people with this disease are low in thyroid, also that around 6000 mg of Vitamin C taken every day for a week has been known to clear drusen from back of eyes. Another article said that chelate in pill form could be helpful. Well, he was already taking C so I ordered Chelate (EDTA) 625M and bought Thyroid Caps,  a raw gland concentrate, at a Health Food Store - already, he has had amazing results! He still drives in a few areas close to home where he knows the road, but was due for a new drivers license.  We knew he could not pass the test because he couldn't read small close-up material.  Guess what!  He started reading the paper, starting remarking about how bright the road looked and yesterday (Oct.18) he took a driving test and passed!  I've never been so happy and grateful about anything in my life, and had to tell someone.  I don't want to cause any false hopes, but maybe, if this worked for him, somebody else can be helped. By the way my husband will be 82 years old on his birthday!

Sincerely, Charlene Riggs"
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