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brand new forum!
Existing members will have noticed that the forum suddenly looks completely different. It's actually a new forum, running on different software, with all the posts, users, etc. moved over. I just finished the upgrade and will be installing some great add-ons soon.

Your signatures have been saved, but you may want to go into the User Control Panel and check the setting to have the "attach a signature" box be checked by default when you post.

If you have trouble or something doesn't seem quite right, let me know. The best thing to do is PM me here or email me from if something doesn't seem to work right. If you've forgotten your password (you may have had it saved in your browser on the old forum), click the "forgot password" link on the login page. If you don't receive an email with a reset password, contact me and we'll work it out.

For general ideas to make this forum better, please post in the Site Suggestions forum.

I was just informed that one of the forums was "moderated", requiring approval for each post - I've fixed it. None of them should be moderated. I've checked over all forums again and set them to allow posts from all registered users without approval. It's just one of those things that didn't get set quite right on the new forums. So you should also be able to create new topics in all the forums except for Announcements and Method of the Month.
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