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Help - what is blurry?
I copied this from my blog because I really would like as much feedback as possible. I had a weird experience yesterday where I was looking at my white mouse cursor on a black screen (from about 3 ft) and I could clearly see the cursor - but six or eight of them stamped around in a circle. My experience with a black cursor on a white background is just seeing fuzz so this came as a total shock to me. Is this really what BLUR is or is my eye doing something weird? My eyesight is about 20/530 and normally to see something that small clearly I have to be 3 inches away! Here is what I wrote on my blog, please, any input would be appreciated to help me understand what my eye is doing! Do other myopes see this as well?

I always thought that things appear blurry to me because of the whole argument that my eye is elongated and it is like a camera out of focus. Yesterday at work I had an experience that is causing me to wonder if my understanding of that is true. I have set the background of one of my computer programs to be black with light letters. To take a break I removed my glasses and looked around the office as usual. Then I was looking at the computer screen. I sit with my face about 3 ft away, which for someone with my vision (-7.00 glasses, 20/530 eyesight) means that the size of one line of 12 point writing is blurred to appear as thick as 3 or 4 lines of writing. I was looking at this blur and noticed suddenly that I could make out very clearly the letter ‘C’! Huh? I was completely confused because this wasn’t like a clear flash, there was a significant blur around it, and in order to see a letter of that size with such sharpness I normally have to have my nose 3 inches away! To simplify things, I looked at my cursor only against the dark background (instead of the lines of text) and then I understood. What I see is not the light being blurred out, instead, it’s like the point I’m seeing is being stamped around in a circle. For example, consider the letter ‘I’ on it’s own in white on a black background. What I saw looked like this letter ‘I’ very clearly (but in various shades from grey to bright white) stamped in a circle around where the actual letter should be (about 8 stamps). The problem is it is difficult to count them because every time that I blink they shift around a bit. What is this???? When I examined a line of text again I found that the whole line was stamped like this and sometimes I could clearly read the entire top or bottom “stamp”. Weird, I need to do some research on this and find out what is going on. Perhaps it is central fixation gone wrong? Or is this really what “blurry” is?
Yep, it's multiple images, very common among people learning to see. It's your mind making sense of the blur, a good sign.

As far as how to deal with it, check them out to see which ones are better - you can't necessary tell for sure until you've looked directly at a few. So it's interesting, because an aspect of all blurry vision is the strange phenomenon of eccentric fixation, looking slightly off to the side of what you're regarding when you think you're looking directly at it. With multiple images, you are left to decide what best represents you looking directly at the object. Hint: the best image is probably one you don't expect to be best.

Exactly why it should happen this way, I don't know. Astigmatism can only account for two with each eye, but people see many more than that. It really makes no sense optically - a camera out of focus does not do anything like that, ever.

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