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Hi Everybody!
Hey everyone I'm cheerio. I'm 15 yrs old and I spend a ton of time on the computer. I've just realized how poor my vision is (-5.5 both eyes) and I've done some past research on Bates. I don't know much except for some of the basic things like Palming and Sunning, but I really want to be motivated to improve my eyesight. My goal is to get to about -4.5 within 2 years. It's a lot of time but this stuff doesn't just happen over 2 months, right?

Well anyways, I'm reading up on "method of the month." I can't focus on much I'll check it out some more tomorrow. Cya!
Hi Cheerio!

I wish you the best of luck Smile I just started learning about Bates method about a month ago and I've already had some pleasant surprises, which I hope you experience as well right away to keep you motivated. I learned most of what I have used from reading posts on this site as well reading many of Bates own writings (their is a link on the iblindness home page to free books where you will find a lot). Probably the most useful (and hardest to implement) thing I've learned is to keep it fun, when you are incorporating what you learn into your daily habits, make sure it's relieving stress, not adding more!

I would like to hear about what you try and what helps you the most as you go on with the method. So far, I have gotten the most progress just from consciously breathing deeply and blinking more often. I also read from a Snellen chart everyday and record my progress.


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