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New Book on Vision Clearing
Here is a link to these preventive methods.

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Keep an open mind, Big Grin

This is why the Bates method is lambasted from all sides.

Could you have recommended a more cheesy, poorly made, flash pop up ridden and irreputable website?

This individual is not interested in healing people, they are interested in selling you their book. I'm floored by the lack of understanding the developer showed about the Bates method. Its your typical slick, one page advertising scheme, oh and wait, that "amazing" deal ends today, how lucky I am!

To anyone who happens by this thread, save your click, that website isn't worth your bother.

To Otis, I sure hope you didn't read that website before you posted it here.
Hi Ted,

I agree with you, but I have to say that I'm surprised they at least mentioned Dr. Bates. That website is very vague on what the techniques consist of, but they said enough to make me think the book they were trying to sell was about the Bates method. They even wanted to give you a free Bates book in PDF format (not even the abridged version later put out by his wife Emily).

Nonetheless, the product is probably just a waste of money because 1) Bates' book is all you need, and 2) it can be found online for free in various locations.

But hey, people need money these days and some seem to do anything in order to get it.

Urban Wrote:Could you have recommended a more cheesy, poorly made, flash pop up ridden and irreputable website?

Yes, he could have, in fact. Take <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->, for example. Previously called "Vision for Life", it was unfortunately the first website I stumbled across years ago, when I realized I didn't like to wear glasses and wanted to improve my vision. Before doing any more research, I persuaded my mom to get it for me (take into account I was probably wearing glasses then, which lowered my level of intelligence Big Grin). But of course the techniques included in the package were cheesy, ridiculous, and worthless.

Nothing like the pure, genuine, and original Bates system.


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