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The Economic Forces that "Drive" optometry.
Subject: Optometry is all about economic "survival".

It is never about keeping your distant vision
clear (for life) with a plus lens or Bates. :-\

There is one RARE EXCEPTION -- and that is
Steve Leung OD. Big Grin

(Make certain you understand the concept, and
the OD who supports you with the Bates and plus method.)

These remarks are from "optometry sucks".


Re: Plan your optometric career

If that is the case, then I would say that you are not being
aggressive enough with your supplemental medical testing.
Aggressive medical billing is key to success in any practice, but
the thing is, you don't have to be a pig, or unethical about it.

I do not do visual fields on every headache case that walks through
the door. I do not bill retinal photographs or order HRTs on 22
years olds with IOPs of 11 simply because their great-aunt had
glaucoma. I do not order external photographs on mild iris nevi or
lid papillomas.

You're right, working 4 days a week at $40 per hour is not going to
help your practice. That's why it would probably be wise to just
bag the practice, sell off the fixtures, inventory and equipment for
whatever you can get for it and then just keep the $40 per hour for
yourself. Work on finding another career or consider moving to a
different area of the country that is more favorable to attaining
your career goals.

Trust me....I understand the frustration. It drove me from the
profession for years. But figure out a plan and act on it before
you wake up one morning and realize that you are 55, broke, and

The Sabre


If these ODs only think of their personal welfare -- what
happens to your long-term distant vision -- when
they over-prescribe a minus lens? ???

Here is the optometry site that discusses the economic
plight of these ODs. I mean they feel really bad
because they are making $ 90,000 per year, and
feel that the public owes them $ 110,000 per year. >Sad

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And then when someone like David ATTEMPS to help
the public AT NO COST they charge him with "practicing medicine"
without a license! And anything he might charge for his
time is called a "rip-off" -- by these poor optometrists. ???

Go figure.


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