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"The secrets to regaining your vision naturally" cd program.

I found this website about a cd program for improving vision with the Bates method and it looks interesting to me. It seems like a very Bates-type program (no eye exercises) and looks like an effective program.
I'm wondering if anyone has gotten this program and can say what it is like and if it is a good product and if anyone else has some comments about it whether they have ever gotten it or not.

Thank you.
It definitely looks reputable, and like something I would consider buying if I got in a rut! It says he studied to be a natural vision improvement teacher under Thomas Quackenbush, it's probably true. You could email Mr. Q to ask if it's true! If it is, then this is the closest CD program I have seen so far that follows the Bates method. If you buy it I'd be curious to know what you think!
Also forgot to tell you, I recognized his photo. He has some videos on youtube. Maybe you could find them and see if you like his style before buying...
I saw the videos. At least the first one, maybe he's put up more. If been on these boards for a while or have read Bates' book you won't find anything new there.

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