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My sight usually seems clearer for a moment after yawning. What about you guys?

Is it because yawning causes the eyes to moisten, hence the temporary clearer vision? Or is it because yawning causes relaxation?

Comments pls.

Also, is it true that the morning rays of the sun is beneficial but from 10 a.m. onwards (especially afternoon) it's harmful?
For the guys and gals who use sunning along with other Bates methods, what time do you usually do it?
yes sometimes my eyesight is a little clearer after yawning also. I think its from tears covering eyes and acting like a temporary contact lens affect. But I think it could also be from the relaxation from yawining.
I am not sure about the sun being harmful past 10am.
And the time I do sunning is usually in the morning time.
Hi Marlon,
I had read from this book 'Relearning to See' that the vision teacher encourages all his students to yawn more, as it is very relaxing to the eyes.

As for sunning, could not manage to do it as I leave for work before the sun is up. Probably one of the reasons why my eyesight improvement is so slow.

Thanks guys! ;D

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