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This Scar
Otis > I am sad that too many ODs feel that they can "omit" this
type of discussion with you, and not send you to Sites like this one where you could learn to even
avoid entry into myopia.

Itsme > Sadly, most don't believe it's possible.. How could the information they learned, be wrong, after paying all that money for school ? That could be a hurdle too hard to overcome ? :-\
Dear ItsMe,

Subject: Being lied-to by a majority-opinion OD. ???

Tragically, these majority-opinion ODs find it easier to fib (lie) when you
ask DIRECT pointed questions about prevention (by any method.)

When I ask question or post comments, I am informed that any
statement about prevention (the second-opinion) is wrong,
and a lie. And all who espouse prevention are liers.

But then I eventually find that the situation is preventable, and
there ARE second-opinion optometrists who AGREE that the
minus is a very bad idea.

For example, here is an second-opinion OD who openly
supports your desire to avoid entry into serious myopia:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

But, the majority-opinion ODs just believe that it is impossible,
and you do not have the right to this type of information and

I finally got in the habit of asking them, "What would happen
if I put a -3 diopter on the eye?" Would the eye "go down",
or would it have no effect.

Get them to answer this question. If they tell you
that a -3 diopter lens has "no effect" -- they
are lying.

While Bates did not (quite) say it this way -- he certainly
had reasons to believe it.

The only other issue is cost -- and following a preventive
protocol. Most people simply have no interest, or
will not do it. The feel it is too expensive.

But my judgment is this. If you find YOUR OWN method, read your
Snellen, and clear it to normal, the prevention truly costs
almost nothing.

I think that is the power of David's site. The method he advocates
are FREE. Smile

And that is they was it is.


Dear ItsMe,

Subject: Basic HONESTY in an OD -- with respect to you.

Re: The OBLIGATION to tell you the truth, and not insult you.

Here is a site that argues for prevention.

Scrol down and look at the "graph" about how our
eyes go DOWN.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

I wish ALL parents were presented with this information
(automatically) when you were at -1 diopter (about 20/50) -- the
first minus lens.

If I HAD BEEN presented with this information, and knew my "fate" -- I
would have been more RECEPTIVE to these preventive methods.

But these majority-opinion ODs are so stuffed with their "God hood" that
they will not come down to YOUR LEVEL and take the time
to explain this issue to you. This is not professional -- BY ANY STANDARD.

A professonal should have NO PROBLEM showing this graph (that is VERY ACCURATE),
and telling you that while prevention is indeed difficult -- the alterantive
is that you will go from one stronger minus -- to the next.

If you know this for a scientific fact, and say, Doc, I think Bates is a
crock of S--T, just give me a powerful minus -- and I will
love it.

Then when the consequences develop -- you will have no one to
blame but youself.

More professional honest would be the right approach. Smile

Just my second-opinion.

Thanks Otis, those are 2 great links you provided in your last 2 posts.
The ODs journey out of myopia ,in the 1st link, was a very interesting read. Smile

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