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Medication-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching -My Experience
Follow-up :

Please refer to the weblink below for a follow-up of the information given above :

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Tardive Dyskinesia-related Medications - Additional Information

Please take note that such Tardive Dyskinesia-related medications as metoclopramide (Reglan), prochlorperazine (Compazine) - being medications for gastrointestinal problems, promethazine (Phenergan) - being medications for cough and so on that are often prescribed to children may also have disastrous side effect of muscle deformity that affect the rest of their lives.

Further Details About The Medications Specified Above :

Metoclopramide :

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Reglan :

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prochlorperazine :

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Compazine :
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Promethazine :

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Phenergan :

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Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS) - Brief Introduction

Please refer to the weblink below for medical details about Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS) :

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Follow-up of My Own Healing Experience From Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Non-stop Eyelid-twitching

In fact most of the neurology-related disorders nowadays are closely connected to the side effects of modern medications especially the Atypical Antipsychotics that carry the side effects of Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS), Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) etc that would potentially and eventually disturb the normal functioning of the dopamine receptors (one of the main neurotransmitters in our nervous system) resulting in bodily chemical imbalances that in turn trigger off a variety of involuntary and purposeless movement disorders on any parts of our body that are substantially beyond control of the ones suffering from them.

Unfortunately, based on my own personal experience of seeking treatment for such neurological Tardive Dyskinesia-induced Hemifacial Spasm disorders (abnormal involuntary eyelid twitching), most of the related medical specialists simply do not reveal this underlying truth about my actual medical conditions to me.

For your further information, I used to work as a business executive with a promising future not until I suffered from the depression sicknness due to overwhelming work-related pressure and then such Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormal eyelid twitching sickness that eventually made me force to quit my job and stop working for more than half a year seeking repeated and numerous treatments for it. And surprisingly, most of the normal specialists just avoided, if not failed to associate my eyelid twitching sickness with the antipsychotic drugs that I had been taking all these while, so did the psychiatrist dispensing such medications to me. And in fact, he just expected and insisted me to continue taking them even when observing that such Tardive Dyskinesia side effects of Hemifacial Spasms were manifesting more and more obviously to him each time I paid visit to his practice for a medical follow-up and to get the same medications from him.

Later on, I just found out that quite a number of people, especially those working adults with a family to support and other miscellaneous financial commitments were actually almost in the same boat as me and their lives were nearly ruined in the end together with the ones dependent on them. Saddeningly, they did not have the slightest idea of what was actually going on to them.

I am less fortunate enough to come from such a less-developed country to have access only to the outdated drugs with greater hazardous side effects whilst the related users of such defective drugs are mostly less medical-conscious and often over-relying on the misleading advices and instructions of the doctors, only to the detriment of their health and well-being in the end. In fact, regardless of the fact that more and more advanced versions of Botox injections and other sophisticated drugs with lesser side effects meant for the treatment of mental disorders and other related illnesses are invented in U.S and other more advanced European countries from time to time, the so-called specialists in my home country which is less-developed would still insist to dispense and apply the outdated drugs for the treatment of such sicknesses knowingly just to save costs and reap more profits from their custormers. And that is the reason why I tend to get an ever increasing dosage of the same older version of Botox injection from the same neurosurgeon time and time again for the treatment of my Tardive Dyskinesia-related abnormal eyelid twitching before I am fortunate enough to finally get it totally cured through acupuncture treatment. For your further information, I actually paid 5000 dollars for each Botox treatment from an expensive private medical center of my home country and I was surprised to know from other U.S and European people over the internet that such Botox treatment would cost them only 500 dollars the most in their own countries. Furthermore, such medical costs are covered by insurance scheme in these modern countries in contrast to my own home country whereby all the medical costs are expected in a non-negotiable way to be paid immediately on cash terms by the ones receiving such treatments from such expensive medical centres and insurance coverage rarely and hardly works down here.

So, In line with my vocation as a part-time social worker for my religious organization, by posting these articles over the internet, I hope that apart from sharing my healing experience from such Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormal eyelid twitching, these information would eventually raise the level of self-awareness and self-consciousness about the hazards of Tardive Dyskinesia and Extrapyramidal Symptoms as well as the medications causing such disorders, especially the modern Atypical Antipsychotics meant for the treatment of certain mental disorders so that the intended persons could avoid following in my footsteps of getting such disastrous side effects from these drugs by being more medical-conscious and expecting the medical personnel-in-charge to exercise the necessary due diligence, responsibilities and obligations for their healthcare.

Lastly, I hope that the information provided will be useful to the intended readers and hopefully better medications free of such undesired side effects will be invented in the near future to improve the medical welfare of all mankind. Thank you.
Brief Summary / My Personal Opinions

As a brief summary for the prior posts made above, I get this abnormally rapid non-stop eyelid twitching in the very first place due to the dopamine-disturbing side effect of Risperdal that, together with other related medications, which account for most of the so-called 'undiagnosed' neurological movement and neuromuscular disorders.

In my case, since it is the 'Risperdal toxin' which accumulates mostly around my eye nerves that cause all the abnormal, involuntary, uncontrollable, purposeless and non-stop rapid eyelid twitchings. As such, the acupuncture treatment (as mentioned in the prior posts above) administered onto my "He Gu" acupuncture point actually works in a way that it would gradually purge such 'Risperdal toxin' that cause all the 'unexplained' twitchings and spasms' out of the nerves around my eyes and enable me to get totally cured once and for all from this sickness in the end.

Next, such a mechanism about the acupuncture therapy mentioned above is what has been elaborated to me by the acupuncturist who deal with my eyelid twitching sickness. Personally, I feel that such an explanation sounds rather logical and reasonable to me.

In such a connection, I really wonder if the similar acupuncture treatment and mechanism would be applicable and workable too in the case of the non-stop twitchings and spasms for the other parts of human body such as arms, legs etc that are in turn similarly caused by the dopamine-disturbing side effects of certain medications (by applying acupuncture treatment onto the other related acupuncture points to purge the dopamine-disturbing toxins causing such twitchings and spasms out the the related peripheral nerves of the other parts of human body to deal with these neurological movement / neuromuscular disorders).

For further information about such 'hypothesis', please refer to the following weblink (the related post under the "My Personal Views / Note of Caution" ).

Lastly, I hope that my views / opinions will finally contribute to a further advancement of the medical science in terms of the search and discovery for a conclusive treatment for such medication-induced dopamine-disturbing neurological movement and neuromuscular disorders. Thank you.
What Is The Actual Curative Value of The Antipsychotics ? / Do The Curative Benefits of The Antipsychotics And Other Related Medications Really Outweigh Their Underlying Inherent Extrapyramidal Symptoms / Tardive Dyskinesia Side Effects etc In All Cases ?

Extrapyramidal Symptoms (EPS), Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) etc are actually the side effects of certain medications especially the Antipsychotics that would potentially and eventually disturb the normal functioning of the dopamine receptors (one of the main neurotransmitters / key elements of neurons in our nervous system essential for the control of human body motions) such as blocking them etc (in carrying out their medical mechanisms to cure certain other sicknesses and unfortunately is also one of the unavoidable side effects of such medications). Next, such a situation would then lead to bodily chemical imbalances and then potential interruptions to the "message sending, conveying and relaying" neuron operations between the human brain and any parts of the human body that would in turn trigger off a variety of largely uncontrollable involuntary and purposeless movement disorders on any parts of our body that are substantially beyond control of the ones suffering from them.

In this regard, no matter how sophisticated the modern drugs are being invented and developed, especially the second-generation antipsychotics, such a potential side effect remains inherent in such medications that carry the side effects of antagonizing the dopamine receptors. Even though the possibility of manifestation of such neuromuscular symptoms may be very small or even negligible as proven by the established scientific research, other experimental and clinical verifications, it would still depend on such other factors as the different physical conditions of the users of such drugs, other unexpected possible allergy cases etc.

All in all, it would be the amount of medical attention and professional care of the medical personnel dealing with the specific cases of their patients and dispensing the drugs with such dopamine-disturbing side effects that would be primarily essential to ensure the non-occurrence of such disorders or minimize the risk of getting such disastrous and undesired neuromuscular side effects.

In my case, I suffered from the Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormally rapid non-stop eyelid twitching that resulted from the dopamine-disturbing side effects of Risperdal drugs that were dispensed to me by the relevant psychiatrist to deal with my depression sickness. The problem was such that, before I got such an abnormally rapid eyelid-twitching sickness the depression sickness itself would merely caused me to lose interest in mixing with other people and to a certain extent made me feel reluctant to go to work sometimes.

Nevertheless, by the time such dopamine-disturbing side effects of Risperdal began to cause me abnormally rapid eyelid twitching, it caused me enormous embarrassments in front of so many other people and subsequently denied me of even the very basic abilities to read, watch tv, drive and carry out other daily and basic routines and then it cost me my job making me out-of-work for about six months. To me, the side effects of Risperdal is more distressing, if not, mentally-anguising than the depression sickness that Risperdal purported to cure in the first place.

Can you guys just imagine what an irony could it be when the drugs that are supposed to cure depression would cause such nearly irreversible sicknesses as Tardive Dyskinesia etc due to their unavoidable side effects that are in reality much more ‘depressing’ to the patients than the depression sickness itself.

Next, when such unavoidable side effects become more and more serious and obvious and actually make the persons suffering from it getting more and more depressed, what should they do ? Continuing taking such problematic medications for depressions to alleviate their mental sicknesses and so as to make them ‘feel better’ for the time being at the expense of getting more and more serious side effects of such other bodily damaging sicknesses from such problematic medications later on ? Then what has exactly happened to these patients ? Would it be warranted to conclude that they have been plunged into such a vicious circle of ‘drug addiction’ that would ultimately get thier lives ruined in the end if they were to be instructed by their doctors to continue doing so ?

In my case, I have been unfortunate enough to come from a less-developed country to run into such a group of irresponsible medical personnel and experts who have either neglected their medical duty of care to me in dispensing such problematic medications in the first place, kept me totally in the dark about the actual sickness I have been suffering from and my medical situations and ripped me off outright by over-charging me exorbitant prices for the medications that would be otherwise far cheaper somewhere else like U.S and other modern European countries ( 5000 dollars for each older version of Botox injection that I have paid to an expensive private medical centre in my home country in contrast to the far cheaper 500 dollars in the U.S and other modern European countries).

However, thank God that I have been lucky to be well-to-do enough to access all the necessary, appropriate and relevant channels of remedies (both formal and alternative therapies including acupuncture that ultimately get my eyelid twitching sickness cured once and for all) to deal with my Tardive Dyskinesia-induced abnormally rapid eyelid twitching and as a matter of fact, it actually has cost me a fortune to do that. Unfortunately, for the less well-to-do ones in my home country who are also plagued by such bodily damaging and debilitating irreversible sicknesses due to the side effects of such dopamine-disturbing medications and are still suffering ignorantly from them (due to the negligences and deliberate concealments of their actual medical conditions by the doctors-in-charge), these muscle-crippling side effects have also made them lost their jobs whilst for the ones whose lives are closely dependent on them such as their families, their lives are eventually plunged into severe hardships.

So, what do you think ?
I did not read all of this but it is indeed sad that in this age of advanced technology we are still grappling with the problems of the same nature faced by the caveman without knowing what to do. The caveman had no medical care except his intutive natural therapy, we have much more yet oftentimes we are put into the same plight. Take myopes for example....they often have to just helplessly watch their eyes degrade to near blindness while their doctors can do little to prevent or even retard it.

Your case is not quite common. Anti psychotic drugs do cause a lot of side effects but only a small percentage develop crippling side effects. A number of people are able to adjust to these drugs. Back in 1995, I had to take the drug known as cetrine for two months and it affected my eyes in unusual ways my doctor could not understand or handle. I also experienced terrible twitching ( not to the extent you have described) and could not use my eyes at all and would keep them closed whenever possible. I could not look even at slightly bright objects or read anything without causing my eyes to twitch and hurt badly. The drug also presented me a severe stomach ulcer and internal bleeding. It took more than eight months for me to recover from the side effects though i took the drug only for 2 months. Many drugs like these damage nerve cells( often not documented) that is why it takes long time to heal even after the drug is stopped. I am afraid to take any medcine ever since and prefer only herbals/natural remedies whenever possible. There is a saying that goes like this-

If you are sick go to a doctor because the doctor has to live.
If the doctor gives you medicine then buy them because the drug makers have to live.
But dont take the drug because you also have to live. >Big Grin
.......Anti psychotic drugs do cause a lot of side effects but only a small percentage develop crippling side effects. A number of people are able to adjust to these drugs.......

In the context of such modern nations as U.S and other developed European nations whereby most of the medical personnel are subject to the strict professional protocol especially in terms of dispensing the medications with potential disastrous side effects to their patients, your opinions and remarks would really make great sense in such a case.

Unfortunately, I am just simply one of the many victims of gross negligence of the so-called licensed medical specialists of a less-developed country who care about nothing but the medical fees that I would pay to them in return for such problematic and defective drugs regardless of any bodily damages that these medications have inflicted upon me as visible and readily observable by these group of unethical medical professionals each time I pay regular visits to their practices for 'regular supplies' of such problematic medications.

Next, when such group of related patients in my home country start to have doubts about the disastrous side effects of the antipsychotic medications dispensed regularily to them and actually question the related 'medical experts' about such issues, invariably almost all of these 'professionals' will try to shirk their responsibilities by keeping them in the dark by saying directly 'I don't know what has exactly happened to you as I'm just a psychiatrist and not an eye doctor, chiropractic doctor etc' and they would then refer the related patients to other medical specialists of other fields who would in turn give other misleading diagnosis about their actual neurological / neuromuscular sicknesses to these poor patients (even when those problematic medications are presented face-to-face directly to them in their own practices). All in all, there seems to be a 'tacit conspiracy' between these medical personnel in my home country to work against the medical welfare of these poor patients and to put it bluntly, they are just paying these doctors for those seemingly 'logical and plausible lies' about the actual medical conditions they are having exactly. Next, to further worsen such a pathetic situation, my home country tends to become a 'dumping ground' all the while for decades for the outdated medications with greater unwanted side effects from such modern nations as U.S and other advanced European countries.

Frankly speaking, as a part-time social worker working for the welfare of these poor group of people and a former victim myself who has suffered painfully like them, I hope that by airing these facts and my views through the internet, such a saddening scenario will be exposed to more and more benevolent individuals and such an exploitation would come to an end one day. Thank you.
A New Version For The Self-administered Acupuncture Cure For Non-stop Persistent Eyelid-twitching

Thanks for taking an interest in my posts made in this website. At the same time, I also have received lots of positive feedbacks from my email inbox from other persons (troubled by such annoying non-stop eyelid twitching sickness) giving thanks to me for the curative benefits they experience upon exercising the suggested alternative instrument-aided self-administered acupuncture method.

In response to the additional enquiries about the suggested self-administered acupuncture method that these persons have made to me so far through the emails, I thus would like to provide to the intended readers a new version about this acupuncture therapy which contains other extra and more in-depth details as follows : -

Well, regarding the 'He Gu' acupuncture point I have mentioned in my prior articles for the suggested cure for non-stop eyelid-twitching, its exact location is at the back of the palm of one's right hand, which is 1.5 cm (applicable to the average grown adults only) measured vertically from the point of intersection (that would appear visibly when the fingers are closed loosely together) between the thumb and the forefinger. (Kindly take note that this point is located at a much 'fleshy' instead of a much 'boney' area - perhaps you would need to briefly explore that part of your right hand at the same time to locate that point, and I hope you will understand that the hand structures of each person differ from one another).

When the acupuncture point is identified and marked accordingly, you can then re-open your hand , and then what you all can do is to sit down, and at the same time press that onto the surface of that acupuncture point (using just mild force) with any long blunt-pointed object such as toothpick, a normal writing pen (which is out of ink of course) etc against your chin (suggested for convenience purpose) for a continuous 2 hours (during any time in a day), and it's preferably to do that when you are about to go to sleep at night (so that you have more free time to do it). However , if you are eager to find out the very exact location of that particular acupuncture point to further verify the information given above, I would suggest you to seek consultancy from a licensed acupuncturist.

In this regard, based on the acupuncturist, the blunt-pointed objects such as normal writing pen (which is out-of-ink of course) etc instructed to me for such self-administred therapy is actually intended as a substitute for the acupuncture needle to deal effectively with the particular acupuncture point.

Unlike the other traditional method of acupressure which involves the use of fingers to press and massage the acupuncture points, the use of blunt-pointed object in such a case for the treatment of chronic eyelid-twtiching is actually meant as a 'leverage' to provide an adequately focused and hence a 'reflexology stimulus' that is strong enough to deal more precisely and effectively with that acupuncture point.

Whereas, if that acupuncture point is to be treated with fingers, the stimulus effect generated would be very much smaller due to the fact that such pressings and massagings would reasonably not last long enough to provide any reliefs for the chronic eyelid-twitching. Besides, given the larger suface area of the fingers as well as their rounded physical shape (compared to the blunt-pointed objects), a large part of the forces produced from such pressings and massagings would then be reasonably applied onto the related muscles rather than directly onto the intended nerves through the related acupuncture point to deal effectively with such sickness.

Please be reminded that a good sleep at night throughout the therapy period is essential for the healing to be effectively done. And a person shouldn't associate oneself again with the underlying causes such as over-straining of the eyes, excessive cafeine intake, allergy/overdosage of certain medication (with muscle spasms side effects) that causes this non-stop eyelid-twitching to the particular person in the first place to avoid a relapse of that sickness, especially after getting cured from it.

Please take note that one should continually apply that method in the case where it proves to be effective in dealing with the eyelid twitching problem (after trying it for about 3 days' time).

For your reference, I get my eyelid twitching stopped the next day after the acupuncture treatment. But when I stop the treatment for the next few days, the twitchings just come back again. Based on the acupuncturist, the explanation for the relapse is such that if one were to apply just one-off / short-term treatment, it would then only serve to disperse the dopamine-disturbing toxin / other 'contaminating agents' around one's eye nerves enabling the twitching to stop just temporarily (without totally purging such toxins / 'contaminating agents' out of the human body). So, it works just like doing a physiotherapy whereby one should complete the whole course of treatment (in this case, applying that self-administered technique persistently for weeks/ a few months) to get the eyelid-twitching sickness totally cured effectively once and for all in the end.

Next, the suggested duration of two-hour period/day (continuous non-stop healing process) for that self-administered treatment is just what I have recommended so far to other persons having the similar symptoms based on my very own healing experience from this eyelid-twitching sickness and the others who suffer from it (who eventually get it totally cured). All in all, it would acutally depend on one's healing progress for the eyelid twitching sickness upon applying that suggested self-administered acupuncture method.

Related References :

Diagram of The 'He Gu' Acupuncture Point :

[Image: Attachment_File.gif]

Medical References For The 'He Gu' Acupuncture Point :

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Further Follow-up :

Please refer to the weblink below for a further follow-up of the posts made above :

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Additional Details For The Self-administered Acupuncture Cure For Blepharospasm / Chronic Non-stop Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking - How does one know that one is applying pressure exactly at the right acupuncture point? (Please Refer To The Prior Post Above Added With a Diagram)

The information as follows is added accordingly in response to further additional feedbacks and enquiries made ever-increasingly by the ones troubled with chronic non-stop rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking problems (especially the medication-induced ones) seeking helps from me through the emails.

About the question of how would one know that he / she is applying the blunt-pointed instrument-aided pressure at the right point (the "He Gu" acupuncture point - please refer to the diagram added in the related prior post above), well, the nerves of our bodies especially the ones closely adjacent to each other, would tend to interwind, overlap and interconnect among one another. Whilst the 1.5 cm and its location on the wrist as portrayed in the diagram mentioned above for the 'He Gu' acupuncture point is actually a standard measure for the size of the hands of the average grown adults.

Next, applying blunt-pointed instrument-aided pressings upon it (or any points around that 'He Gu' acupuncture point area) will actually generate direct stimulations to the other nerves surrounding that pressed point around the wrist area as well, and subsequently, produce a reflexology stimulus / 'qi' that will flow / travel right up to the 'final destinations'(please refer to the medical references weblink added in the related post above), which are the peripheral nerves attached to the muscles of the entire face, especially the eyelids to generate the desired healing effects to the intended areas by gradually restoring their bodily chemical balances. In my case and the others, that acupuncture technique actually serves to gradually and eventually drive out the risperdal toxins / other related contaminating substances that disrupt the normal functioning of the dopamine neurotransmitters chemicals of the neurons / nerve cells around our eyelid muscles and cause all those rapid unwanted eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking, totally out of our bodies and enable us to get totally cured once and for all in the end.

Lastly, I hope that the information given above will be useful to the intended readers. Thank you.
The Sorry Plight of the Chronic Eyelid-twitchers / Eye-blinkers - Our Experiences

'Actually by the time I got this abnormally Tardive Dyskinesia / medication-induced rapid eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking of countless times in a split second (which is one of its symptoms), the feeling was sort of like I was plunged into a situation between blindness and non-blindness in the sense that I could just vaguely ‘visualize’ the surroundings around me while my eyes were blinking, but getting unable to do anything else, even simple reading, watching tv in a ‘satisfactory’ way, and of course, I totally needed to refrain myself from driving (otherwise I would certainly bump the others or get bumped).

And given the fact that my eyes were just ‘blinking rapidly’ and I did not actually get totally ‘blind’ because of any actual damages to the eyes, I always simply found myself caught in a dilemna in between the options of reconciling myself with such an ‘eye disability’ (such as what the others around me had always advised me to do) and doing something medically effective to deal with it to bring my life back to the former usual days before I got this ‘eye sickness.

To be really frank with you, i just couldn’t help myself most of the times but to have suicidal tendencies each time when I locked myself up in my own room (with the lights all off) and kept on thinking about my hopelessly handicapped situation that denied me from doing actually anything, even all the very basic daily routines. And I also tended to avoid seeing anyone else (so as to avoid all sorts of embarrassments and feelings of inferiority complex on my part associated with my ‘visually incapacitating’ abnormalities in front of other people). So, can you just imagine the pains I had gone through during such an abnormally ‘eye-blinking period' ?

Let me just tell you something, each time me and the others having the similar symptoms get exposed to ‘strong lightings’ of any kind, we would just tend to shed tears uncontrollably apart from just blinking our eyes rapidly whilst at the same time, will get our eyes overstrained - that’s simply one of the obvious symptoms of photophobia associated with rapid eyelid- twitching / eye-blinking. And the same thing will happen when we overstrain our rapidly blinking eyes reading something else such as newspaper articles.

So, may I ask you a question, can you find any pleasures seeing a movie, working with a pc or reading a novel with a pair of tearing and rapidly blinking eyes which would uncontrollably and involuntarily get more and more overstrained (and hence just makes you shed even more tears and blink your eyes more and more rapidly) as you keep on watching the movies / doing the reading ?'

By making the quotations above, I just want to tell you that these are also the similar complaints that tend to be repeated over and over again by the ones both in my real life and those seeking helps from me through emails for their chronic eyelid-twitching / eye-blinking problems (especially the medication-induced ones).

Next, by making these posts, apart from sharing with you guys my healing experience from such a sickness through acupuncture treatment (for which there have been lots of empirically successful cases that I observe in my real life and given as positive feedbacks to me through my email inbox), the other reason that I tend to air my complaints nowadays about such a medication-induced eyelid twitching sickness over the internet is such that there are simply too many people in my home country which is less-developed still suffering from the similar pains that I have gone through before (whilst the number is still on the rise), and saddeningly, in most cases, these 'tragedies' would not have occurred at all in the very first place if the doctors-in-charge are conscientious and ethical enough in the duty of taking care of their medical welfare.

So, when the medications with harmful side effects are getting unscrupulously manipulated and exploited by certain individuals like the consciencelessly avaricious drug manufacturers, expensive private medical center owners, unethical medical personnel etc for their profit-making financial and commercial pursuits, what would be the actual underlying curative values of these medications then under such a circumstance ?

Or put it bluntly, is it justified and warranted to just get such medications labelled as ‘mere poisons’ under such a scenario ?

Lastly, I just hope that this world on the whole will eventually become a better place for anyone to live in with lesser unnecessary human-generated causes of worries and concerns for one's healthcare / well-being. Thank you.
Further Feedbacks From The Users For The Suggested Self-administered Acupuncture Cure

Based on the feedbacks and responses so far from the ones (both in my real life and those seeking helps from me through email) applying this suggested self-administered acupuncture therapy for chronic, especially medication-induced rapid non-stop eyelid twitching / eye-blinking disorders, it just turns out that empirically the longer blunt-pointed object such as the normal writing pen (which is out-of-ink of course) etc is much more effective and practical (than a toothpick) for this suggested cure especially when it comes to applying the instrument-aided pressings on the specified "He Gu" acupuncture point as illustrated in the post above. Besides, since it won't cause much undesirable physical annoyances to its users, it is thus a much more user-friendly implement for this suggested acupuncture technique.
Additional Information About Antipsychotics / Neuroleptics (Please Refer to The Prior Post Entitled 'My Subsequent Experience With Seroquel Drug')

In addition, clinical evidences also indicate that those troubled with mental disorders, especially the serious ones, shouldn't just rely solely upon the medications as the one and only means of solution to their mental problems.

To put it bluntly, such medications, they are no different from sleeping pills whereby their calming effects just 'come and go' after the lapse of their effective period whilst their potential disastrous side effects can be permanent upon manifestations. In medical sense, such mental disorders, especially the serious ones are mainly caused by the malfunctionings of the mood regulator neurotransmitter, especially Serotonin in the brain. Next, though the related medications can to a certain extent bring such a severe mental disorder under control by 'artificially' regulating, blocking and controlling the re-uptake of it in the brain of the persons suffering from it, medications alone however, by no means would be able to deal conclusively with the problems due to the fact that the root causes of such a disorder is actually resulting largely from the environmental, circumstantial and other interpersonal factors (or the changes of them) that are deemed to be emotionally and adversely unacceptable to the ones suffering from it to a very great extent. Such negative changes in turn actually account for the negative behavioural changes in them as described

In short, it remains the truth that most of the antipsychotics / neuroleptics meant for especially the treatment of chronic mental illnesses would tend to work in such a way that they would need to change / alter the chemical balances in the brain of those taking such medications in the process of bringing such disorders under control. In the process of doing so, such a mechanism would unavoidably and eventually antagonize the neurotransmitters of the nervous system, especially the serotonin and dopamine (which is necessary for various neuromuscular functions), and hence disturb and interfere with the normal functionings of the nerves of the human body.

Next, though it may take years for such undesirable side effects / scenario to manifest onto the ones taking such medications, I am just in the opinion that in the case of the medications having potentially such unwanted side effects, it would naturally be the duty of the medical personnel / specialists-in-charge to take all the precautionary measures to safeguard the well-being of the patients for the sake of their healthcare and welfare.

The real-life examples that I have come across so far is such that for the ones relying merely upon medications and nothing else to deal with their mental disorders, they would tend to develop both emotional and psychological dependences upon such medictions over the long-term whilst getting their mental conditions deteriorated from time to time, eg, from neurosis to psychosis and then just acquire all those almost irreversibly disastrous undesirable side effects like Extrapyramidal Symptoms, Tardive Dyskinesia, Dystonia, Akathisia, Parkinsonism disorders etc from such medications in the end.

In such a connection, psychotherapy, emotional and other communication supports would be needed to complement the use of the related medications to achieve greater curative effects for such patients troubled by chronic mental disorder.

As such, medications is one thing, but the mental / cognitive abilities of the patients themselves to eventually change their views and perceptions about their environments / surroundings, circumstances and people they are facing in a more positve way, particularly developed through the help of such counselling supports from the others in order for them to really get better and gradually develop positive behavioural / personal changes, is simply another thing that cannot achieved solely with the help of medications alone.

In a nutshell, medications alone by no means can be a substitute for the positive interpersonal experiences that such patients would eventually need for genuine improvement and recovery of their sanity and the use of them should at the same time be complemented by other psychotherapy efforts to achieve the purpose of holistic healing.

Lastly, I hope that the information given above will turn out to be useful to its intended readers. Thank you.
The Background Story Behind The Suggested Needleless Self-administered Acupuncture Cure For Chronic Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking As Elaborated In The Related Prior Posts

Actually as a part-time social worker attached to my religious organisation, my main duties actually include such things as providing voluntary counsellings, advices, interactive and emotional supports largely and mainly to the in-patients of certain government-funded psychiatric wards and other special-care nursing houses of my home country.

Next, it's quite a coincidence that for most of the in-patients that I have dealt and am dealing with, especially the chronically mentally-illed ones, they would tend to manifest to the others such symptoms of Tardive Dysinesia, especially rapid eye-blinking, twisted mouth etc, just like what I have suffered from before as a result of the side effects of certain antipsychotics / neuroleptics that we take for our mental disorders.

In regard to the suggested acupuncture technique, actually, at first, I just sort of trying to help them to deal with such Tardive Dyskinesia symptoms by imparting the technique to them, and in the meantime, it is also one of the efforts on my part to try to calm them down, as it can be really frustrating and dejecting for many people to live such annoying neurological disorders, including myself, before I get fully cured.

Subsequently, such a technique actually delivers tremendous reliefs and then final recoveries for most of them in the end. And over the past 4 - 5 years I have been actually doing the same thing again and again until I get really confident enough about the genuine efficacies of that acupuncture technique. And then, I just start to write articles and make posts about my healing experiences together with that suggested acupuncture technique over the website.

And initially, I actually openly revealed my email address in certain posts of mine in other websites. But I have very soon stopped doing that again for certain reasons (such as posting restrictions of certain forums etc). Next, apart from the ones in my real life, those other people troubled with the like-disorders just send emails to seek helps from me ever since the beginning of 2008. And until now, I have received many positive feedbacks from them on an ongoing basis so far.

Besides, another thing about that acupuncture technique is that, there are actually certain people, including me myself in this case, who are very much annoyed and repelled with the needle-piercing part of the actual acupuncture therapy. And that's precisely the main reason why the acupuncturist attending to my illness was just very kind enough to impart to me another simple alternative acupuncture technique which involves only instrument-aided pressings, rather than actual needle-piercings. As such, that actually sovled my problems with the actual acupuncture therapy in the first place.

In such a connection, since that technique imparted to me can actually be administered on one's own and given the facts that it doesn't involve any actually needle-piercings whilst the related acupuncture point is actually located at a rather safe bodily zone (somewhere on one's wrist instead of the other vulnerable parts such as the ones around the eyes organ, neck etc), it is naturally a free-of-charge and harmless technique.

Next, given the facts that Botox injections (of which I have had a few times before) is actually not a definite solution for such a disorder whilst acupuncture services can be either too costly for certain people (having the like-disorders) or totally unaccessible / unavailable at all in certain countries (such as the ones in the middle east etc as revealed to me by some people through those emails), I just feel that it is just a part of my vocation as a social-worker to share such information to as many people in that particular need as possible to help them cope with such annoying eye-blinking disorders, especially the medication-induced ones. And to the least extent, I just hope that I can at least provide some clues to them about such an annoying eye-related disorder.

In a nutshell, the results and feedbacks I have witnessed and obtained so far are actually consistent with the medical research provided in this website below.

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And I just hope that by sharing some related information on my part, especially about the suggested acupuncture technique, more and more people in that particular need will eventually gain the related curative benefits, along with other related conveniences, advantages and accessibilities (please refer to the prior paragraphs above) available to them.

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