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Scar Caused by Lasik
Dear Prevention-friends,

I hope you have a high-speed link for Youtube: ???

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If people bad-mouth Bates (and other preventive methods), or
complain about the "cost" of vision clearing -- then
watch this Lasik operation. Smile

Further, I know of people who had Lasik, went back to 10 hours
a day on the computer -- and got right back to -2 diopters
(about 20/140)

So, keep this in mind if the hours get "long" using Bates
and other methods.

Extremely few things get to me, but I couldn't finish watching that.

Heed the warnings people and read the research yourself if you want to risk lasik.

I too wanted Lasik to be the miracle procedure that everyone claimed it to be. Luckily for myself I'm rather conservative and held off until I realized how dangerous it really is.

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