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Shifting is very usefull, Practice till it becomes a a habit
Hi David,

I've written you in the past and you said once that when my vision returns to normal and stays permanent then I should e mail you. Well, I am so close to normal that I am not going to even worry about. The habits of perfect vision are starting to become part of my daily life. I notice that the habits come without thinking but I am aware that I automatically shift, blink and centralize. It's really cool. I stopped wearing glasses two years ago when I couldn't see road signs anymore. I was a bit angry about having to go to the eye doctor and getting stronger glasses. So I took it into my own hands and went the alternative Bate's road, which I have been completely satisfied with. Glasses were a always an inconvenience, always getting dirty, scratched and after a few days with new or cleaned lenses the objects I was looking at with glasses on always got blurrier. The doctors never gave me full strength glasses per my request. I work in loud chocolate factory in Germany( Milka) and I am starting to look around and see things written on walls and packages great distances away. I can see faces clearly too. But not always. It happens when I shift, the clear vision. I have never really experienced it fully but now I know the trick. Movement and centralizing . and blinking. Bates was right. DO the habits till perfect vision. I always wondered when the habits would become a part of me like knowing how to walk. I feel like I am reaching a new level in seeing. I can also read 1.5 fine print. I have never had a problem reading. I am also 42 and my right eye I believe is amblyoptic. I am working on that eye but it isn't easy and I am not stressed about it. Usually I can see with the amblyoptic eye but I have to concentate and learn to shift with it. I really don't palm but enjoy sunning but feel that the shifting is good. I just feel like I am winning and will win. I still see blur sometimes but I am starting to see less and less. LIke at work. I had a great day seeing and feeling normal. I am going to go to the eyedoctor only to get the eyeglass restriction removed, but that would be stressful. I did take a test for the work place, I passed the hearing test and the eye test with my left eye. THe right eye was flipping out. Normally I can see with it but that machine he made me stick my head into made it difficult for me to see. I can however see in 3D so my eyes do work together. So I am enjoying the great gift of the universe.




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