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The OD who thinks the minus is bad
Dear Friends,

Bates thought that the minus was very bad for you -- and that
you should use his methods and clear your Snellen back
to normal. He was not the only one who belived this.

Here is an optometrist who spells out the serious consequences
of not using Bates to keep your Snellen clear for life. Smile

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This is so very true.. I can vouch for this first hand. I am a 30 year old with high myopia (-11) in both eyes. Now I have been
diagnosed with occular hypertension - increased intraocular pressure leading to glaucoma. I also have a large amount of floaters.
I was fitted with -2 glasses when I was 7 years old - was horrible. This went on increasing until 20 years of age where it stabilized to -10. A few years back I developed floaters. And then ocular hypertension.
I wonder how my different my life would've been if I would have never been fitted with those damn -2 spectacles in childhood!!

Please take care of your eyes. I continue to practice bates and am sure once the eyes become better, things would be good.

Thanks otis for this awesome link.
Dear Florida Guy,

Subject: The REQUIREMENT that a Majority-opinion OD has to
discuss PREVENTIVE measures with you (Bates and
OTHER methods). ???

I PERSONALLY wish I had an HONEST OD who would spell this out for
me (and my parents) when I was at 20/50.

I do not consider myself stupid -- and I expect MORE from and OD or
MOD than just a minus lens.

If there is any WARNING here -- it is to avoid that over-prescribed minus lens.

And identify the arrogance that refuses to DISCUSS these preventive second-opinions.

I ACCEPT a lot of responsibility for myself -- to learn these second-opinion methods -- when
they can be effective. But all these majority-opinion ODs do is pay "head games" and
REFUSE to face facts about prevention.

The average OD expects to make $90,000 per year. This is $45 per hour.


1. Explain the PREVENTIVE methods to me.

2. Send me to Links like imagination-blindness so I could understand
the SCIENCE behind true-prevention.

It would then be up to me personally to:

1. Start by confirming my Snellen at 20/60 (like the 1913 study).

2. Work very hard with the preventive second-opinion -- and
montor my Snellen.

3. Work to exceed the LEGAL Snellen -- and pass it.

4. Continue to work with Bates (and other methods) to PERSONALLY confirm
that I ALWAYS pass reading 3/4 inch letters at 20 feet -- with no minus lens glasses.

It is clear that there are ODs who are in complete agreement with this approach. Smile

But MOST of the resonsiblity is place on you to START this process before you start
wearing that FIRST over-prescribed -2 diopter lens.

Just my opinion.



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