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Check Your Vision -- Yourself!
Dear Friends,

Subject: Checking BOTH your Snellen and your refractive STATE -- yourself.

We know that the 1914 study (by Bates) was successful. I was told by a
majority-opinion OD that this success did not "count" because the
kids did not measure their refractive STATE, and their STATE did not
change in a positive direction. :Smile

Here is the "tool" to make that critical measurement. It is called,
variously, a "trial lens kit" or a phoropter.
If you a teaching Bates, it would be of value to demonstrate to the
person that his Snellen is clearing and his refraction is moving in
the correct direction as well. Smile


It's basically a phoropter (one of those
"which is better, 1 or 2" machines) that you can keep in your purse or
jacket pocket.

That's 8 plus lenses, 8 minus lenses and a plano lens for each eye,
giving you a whopping 289 possible combinations! (Sorry, no
cylinder/astigmatism lenses.)

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"Quickly and easily screen vision with the new handheld I-test
Phoropter Vision Screener. Place the I-test on the face like regular
eye glasses, a patient can adjust lens strength by rotating the dial
to the desired lens strength. Lens range from +4.00 to -4.00 diopter
in 0.50 diopter increments. Each lens also includes its own occluder
and pin hole occluder."

* Tests for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and anisometropia.

* Screen in real life situations

* Adjustable PD, fits everyone

* Folds up for easy storage.

Available in Gold, Gray, and ... Pink (!!)

Get it here for $141.69, with free UPS ground shipping within the
United States.

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Has anyone tried this? If it doesn't test for astigmatism, how accurate would it be? Thanks Smile
Dear Friend,

Subject: Astigmatism -- the "scare" word.

It is VERY RARE that "astigmatism" will prevent 20/20 vision.

Most people will find that a minus-spherical will get you to 20/20.

The SLIGHT cyl. will make 20/20 SLIGHTLY Sharper.

But is it worth it?

I personally HATE the astigmatism 'CORRECTION'. In fact I insist THAT
IT NEVER BE GIVEN TO ME (As long has I have 20/40 vision -- pass the DMV).

Further, if I am working to clear my Snellen, and get to 20/20, (and some idiot
OD insists that I wear GLASSES FOR ASTIGMATISM) then guess what. ???

I will go home, confirm I pass the DMV test, and NEVER FILL THE $300 prescription. Smile

Just my second-opinion.


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