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Measuring Pupillary Distance?
hi! I am hoping to buy some reduced prescription glasses online by using the

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site, maybe asking for some help here, and figuring out a prescription.

I am wondering if anyone has ever measured Pupillary Distance (P.D.), and if so, if you have any tips? I'll have my husband help me measure if necessary.

Dear Jen,

Do the following:

1 Get a metric rule (in cm.)

2. Look your husband in the eyes. Have him
hold the rule right below you eyes.

3. Ask him to judge the distance (in cm) between the eyes.

Let us know what he measures. Smile

Another suggestion. Avoid the "astigmatism" part -- if you have any. Order
spherical. If you have "astig", I will suggest how to convert.

Dear Jen,

Subject: A concern.

If you drive a car, then it is necessary that you pass the Snellen (3/4 inch letters at 20 feet),
i.e., 20/40 which is the universal standard for visual acuilty.

Thus, if you get a "reduced" prescription, you can not drive a car unless you personally
verify you pass that line.

If you don't drive, then that is fine. But it is still a good idea to confirm where
you stand on your Snellen.


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