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My quest to reattain perfect vision.
Hey everybody. I've been frequently visiting this board lately, and decided it's been awhile since I've posted. I've been following the teachings of Bates for a couple years now, and have been going in kind of a yoyo type experience since I've started.

I had glasses in 7th grade. I noticed in 6th grade my vision was weakening. This was also the time I was getting heavy into computer gaming, late into the night. Well, I made the mistake and got glasses while my eyesight was only 20/30. A few years later, I was a -1.25 I believe, with astigmatism in both eyes. I had contacts for awhile, but I soon gave those all up.

I wanted to become a Navy SEAL during my early high school years. Unfortunately, my vision was too bad to even go. It was this moment I decided I needed to improve my vision somehow, naturally. I found many crap sites selling vision kits for incredibly high prices. I also stumbled upon many Bates related sites. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any techniques, so I made up my own. I was convinced that vision problems were not related to genetics, but to an uneven displacement of muscle pressure around the eye. I started doing techniques such as looking in all four directions for a period of time, eye circles, and shifting exercises. About a month after these exercises, I experienced my first clear flash. I knew I was making improvement.

For whatever reason, I stopped the exercises after a few months, always going on and off ever since then. My vision when I qualified for SEALs, was 20/45, correctable to 20/20. That was down from 20/90 in both eyes. After stopping for a few months, my vision went back up to about 20/60-20/70. I went to BUD/S (SEALs), and did a good job, but was performance dropped due to run times. I decided to be a rescue swimmer after that. I made it through the school. Being an aircrewman, I had to take a flight physical. My vision was about 20/70-20/75. Take in note, I did not do any of the exercises for at least 6 months prior to the exam.

I was horrified when I found this out, and swore to go back to my exercises. It was around this time I discovered this site, and many of the Bate's methods. Swinging has allowed me to produce many clear flashes. I get an incredible amount during the day, usually by blinking differently, or relaxing. Using the online Snellen charts, I've found my vision to be somewhere between 20/40 and 20/60.

My question to all of you. What do you think it is that is holding me back from permanently improving my vision. Sometimes I think I should where my glasses, because maybe I forgot what 20/20 looked like. Maybe these clear flashes I'm producing on my own are not actual clear flashes, but a strain caused by the way I blink. I have not gone back to the exercises that brought me down to 20/45 for SEALs, but I think I will. Anybody have an input as to why my improvement has slowed?

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My quest to reattain perfect vision. - by Ben Hill - 03-12-2008, 10:45 PM