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My quest to reattain perfect vision.
Dear Ben,

Subject: All "relaxing" methods.

It is true that Bates was a leader in prevention -- his 1913 showed how dedicated he
was to that goal

Quote:My question to all of you. What do you think it is that is holding me back from permanently improving my vision. Sometimes I think I should where my glasses, because maybe I forgot what 20/20 looked like. Maybe these clear flashes I'm producing on my own are not actual clear flashes, but a strain caused by the way I blink. I have not gone back to the exercises that brought me down to 20/45 for SEALs, but I think I will. Anybody have an input as to why my improvement has slowed?

In general the DMV Leve test is for reading 3/4 inch letters at 20 feet (i.e., 20/40 or better). Some services
will permit that -- and require you only use the minus when necessary.

I also suggest methods that pilots have used to clear their Snellens:

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The technique of "relaxing" the near vision is different from the Bates approach, but
I strongly suggest using Bated and this method. After all, it is your eyes that are



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