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My quest to reattain perfect vision.
Dear Ben,

You are correct -- about "dumping" that minus lens. But that is why you checked your Snellen -- so
you COULD do that.

For starting, a +2 is reasonable.

In general, you wish want to use it EFFECTIVELY. Since I know your "prescription" (probably
about -1 diopters), I know that the +2 is a good "start".

The next thing to do is to read at the "just-blur" point. (Difficult to describe.)

But here is what you do. Take some reading and hold it close. Then push it away
untill it blurrs noticeably. Then pulli it iN slightly. If you read at that distance
the preventive lens will have the maximum effect on your Snellen-clearing.

LET ME REPEAT. I am 95 percent a Bates person. So I urge you to use Bates
methods. I consider this a SLIGHT enhancement of the over-all Bates
philosophy -- of getting rid of that minus.

On this, let us remember Buckley -- "We can disagree -- without being
disagreable." Smile



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