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My quest to reattain perfect vision.
I understand this is usually a temporary fix, as in it requires you to go back to the plus lenses every so often. However, if I am able to bring down my vision for a Snellen chart to 20/20 just for 1 day, I can get a flight physical done and have them dump the restriction for me to wear glasses while flying. Might be pretty hard with military doctors. I'm sure they'd be pretty skeptical if I was at 20/75 in their records and then simply read the 20/20 or 20/15 lines without anything. Although if I keep up both techniques, I should be able to keep my vision down at 20/20 or better. If such is the case, being in the military, there's a good chance of publicity, which could possibly open up some people to the Bates method. I already know that you can improve your vision with Bates. I've had clear flashes multiple times. I know my eyes can see 20/20. The trick is to make it permanent, which is more of a mental struggle than a physical one.

Otis, here's my idea for a nightly routine, in addition to wearing the plus lens for any close work during the day:

Plus Lens for Close Work

Before Bed:
Swing 100 Times (50 Each Direction) - Or more if needed.
Work on Central Fixation
10 Relaxed Eye Circles (Each Direction)
Palm for 10+ Minutes

Also, speaking of palming. Is there a comfortable way to palm. I always find it uncomfortable when I try to keep out all the light. Is there a certain position while laying down that helps keep the arms relaxed, yet still keeps out all light, or am I better off turning off the lights and palming? I always find it uncomfortable to palm for over 10min, because my arms get pretty tired, especially if I worked out earlier in the day.

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