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Well I've been doing some reading and searching and have decided to go with "Bates Purism" and above all experience.

It was very nice hearing from some of you and I hope to return here when I am cured, but I don't think there's any use spending any more time here. I know what I have to do.

Does anyone know the best place to get a cheap copy of the original Bates book Perfect Sight Without Glasses?

I would just want a bare basic paperback copy. Or would there be a simpler cheaper way (ie computer printer)?
The entire book is on this website!

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Amazon link to paperback

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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith

I have a problem with the online Bates stuff because I always find so many typos, most likely because all the pages were scanned and weren't thoroughly proof-read first. Things like that are really annoying to me, so I try to get original copies of books instead of the free online versions.

And by original I mean ORIGINAL. I own a 1920 copy of Dr. Bates' "Perfect Sight Without Glasses." It is my GEM! I also have the complete set of the "Better Eyesight" magazines as a PDF (every page is a scan of the actual original magazine page, so it's one step away from the actual original copies!). And arriving this Friday is the coolest thing on the face on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!! (err...sorry lol I got a little too excited there) It's actually an original 1925 "Better Eyesight" magazine. :o

I've always dreamed about getting the chance someday to hold an original bates magazine in my hands and reading it........ ;D

Anyway, I wish you the very best of luck! Aim for telescopic and microscopic supervision!!!!! ;D


PS: Sometimes the Bates method seems too good to be true. Ever since I found out about it and the fact that it's the real deal, life felt like one of those dreams where you find something very magical and grants you wishes and stuff, only to find yourself waking up feeling regretful that it was but a dream. But I have yet to wake up, LOL!

PPS: Something VERY important to consider: All the errors throughout the books and magazines will make it nearly impossible to convert it to something that will make continuous sense in mp3 format, and if you tried listening to it, over time it might drive you mad! So get real!

PPPS: Sorry my post was so disorganized, I am such a busy person.....x_x
but i can trust the content of the online versions, right? Rishi appears to say not even to trust the online versions. Is this because of corruption, or just typos, or what? Is there a best version? I will also be purchasing a paperback of the original book, but the audio has helped so far. Plus, as David mentioned, some have such imperfect sight that they cannot even read large print in bright sunlight, and since there is yet to be volunteers on librivox or elsewhere (as far as I know of) to read the book aloud, the audiobooks might be a good idea for now.

So you're saying even a paperback copy would be more error-free than the online versions? Is there a difference between paperback/hardback/original?

btw thanks Jason, I DO feel like life is now a beautiful dream. Sometimes is freaks the crap out of me! How could i've been dead for so long?!
Even though an original Bates book would be cool, it'd be super expensive. I think many Bates purists are too materialistic. Like what's more important, getting an original Jesus book (which he never wrote), or following his teachings? I would say the latter as long as you have accurate resources. So the same would apply to the online Bates books. Bates' genius lies in his ideas, not the paper that holds them, or the screen that displays them, or the voice that reads them. Nevertheless, a paperback copy would be really helpful.

Also, my text to speech program handles "errors" very well, and if it doesn't, my imagination picks up the slack! Remember it's only temporary until I am cured.

Thanks for the encouragement, I'm aiming for 20/4! I feel like I would palm for a year if it would work lol! I'll be reading through most of the entire forums before i depart.
Ok guys and girls, this is it. I have accumulated the online texts and ordered all the books and most importantly, gathered my strength and resolved to relearn to see. This is not farewell forever, just for a while. As David says, there's only so much you can learn from reading about this path; it must be followed to be understood fully. Don't expect to hear from me around here until July at the earliest. I appreciate everyones advice, no matter how harsh, and look forward to returning to offer my help as needed.

Farewell for now.
just don't strain yourself!!!

just keep the very quote from bates in mind:

...It is as natural for the eye to see as it is for the mind to acquire knowledge, and any effort in either case is not only useless, but defeats the end in view...
Perfect Sight Without Glasses, p. 106

also whohlme, i've been very busy lately but will still send you that one important email. i'll try to get it to you tomorrow hopefully..Smile
Better Eyesight Magazine videos

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download