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Bates Method Works!

My name is Mohammed and I'm from Denmark (that small country in skandinavia). When I was 15 years old i started to notice that my vision became blurry when I tried to see things far away. It wasn't a problem to begin with and I quickly stopped thinking about it, until I began in gymnasium (that would be education somewhere between highschool and college in the States, I was 17 at that point). I always had to get to class early to get a place in front, and even there I had trouble seeing the whiteboard clearly. I couldn't read subtitles on the TV and in the cinema, practicly everything beyond an arms length became blurry.

My health in general was, and is pretty good, which is why my bad vision irritated the hell out of me. Eventually I was fed up and visited an optician. I got told that I needed glasses (-1.25 right, and -1.50 left). I knew that wasn't much (many of my friends wore glasses with as much as -4.0 and -5.0). I bought the damn glasses but hated to wear them, only when absolutely nessesary I would put them on. Not much time passed (less than a month) before I realised that I couldn't go on with the glasses for the rest of my life, they were just not a part of me. I began researching surgical ways to improve vision, but found risks and complication rates way to high.
Eventually I found, downloaded Dr. Bates book, and read it. His book and methods made perfect sense to me and i started practecing.

I have been practicing palming, sunning ( I very much enjoy sunning), central fixation and shifting for about 3 weeks. In that time I've had a couple of clearings. The best clearings though are the ones I've had when looking out of my kitchen window, trying to read licence plates on parked cars (practice central fixation). The clearings I have resemble 20/20 vision as I am able to read license plates which my little brother (who has normal vision) also can.
I can hold the clear vision for a couple of seconds but not for any longer, I'm hoping to have a permanent flash one day that keeps my vision perfect. Practicing bates methods really helps me to feel and sense my eyes in new ways, and everything I read in his book I have found to be true (I've seen it with my on eyes!).

I find it very sad when seeing people wearing glasses that continually disable their eyes. Throw your glasses away! (I never wear mine anymore)
Yeah, as I've heard most people who have never really worn glasses will always experience success earlier (all other things equal of course). Good luck on your continued success.
I'm happy for you! Keep it up! ;D
Urban Wrote:Yeah, as I've heard most people who have never really worn glasses will always experience success earlier (all other things equal of course). Good luck on your continued success.

I wish that was true.
I have found out that Bates Method works too. Last night I looked at the distance from my window for about 30 minutes and felt my right eye greatly relaxing. When I closed my eyes the muscles in my right eye felt very warm. Then I went to sleep and finally had a great night's sleep (I am an insomniac). Today I woke up relaxed and when I looked from the window everything was richly detailed again. My vision is not perfect yet but one thing is sure: relaxation is the key to improving your sight. I had insomnia for about 3 months and felt very stressed out because of the sensation of lack of sleep. Now I am much more relaxed and can see better. Bates was right. Strain causes vision problems.

Now at least I know what I have to do.

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