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N-Acetyl Carnosine Eye drops
Just thought I'd post my observations in using the Can-C (n-acetyl carnosine) eye drops. I started about 2-3 weeks ago mainly to reduce and heal the scar I have in my right eye. I have noticed improvement in the likes of clarity and sharpness that I never had since my fungal keratitis. I would imagine a full 3 months at least would be a good way to test the eye drops
effectiveness. On Friday I go to my Optometrist for an eye exam and a new prescription. It would be great to hear
that my eyes, especially the left, has gone back to what my reduced prescription once was !

My main point in posting is that these eye drops used in conjunction with Bates or + lens could speed things up quite a bit.
For those that are interested,I'll let you know how it goes..
Sun treatment is the best therapy, I think, for scars and injuries from sharp foreign objects of the eye.
I've heard eye drops can contain additives and preservatives meaning that you'll want to keep taking them.
Hi. I am sunning when I can, but we don't get much sun up here so it's a rare commodity. It seems every year
it's getting colder too. :-\ take care
That's global warming for you huh... or would that be global cooling... ???
Yeah, it's wierd some places seem to be getting hotter and others colder ! :Smile


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