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I need positive vibes!!
Hello everybody, I am glad I found this website and I would like to share my story with you ...
I needed glasses since I was 12 but I have always refused to wear them (I am now 30, yeah, I am extremely stubborn Smile), I managed to live my life without seeing crystal clear and I believe I managed pretty well, though I have been lucky because I never really needed a car so I never even bothered taking my driving license though now I feel I should have it just for the sake of having it even if I don't need it

Anyway, as I was saying I managed to live my life without needing to see everything as clear as possible but recently I started a new job where I need to use the computer a lot and I am scared people are gonna think I am crazy if they point something on the screen from far and they realize I can't see it .....
As I never worn glasses I believe (from what I read) that I might be a little advantaged because I basically never "spoiled" my eyes .... is that correct?

I tried to start using the Bates method many times, I used to start with the intention to continue doing it for at least a month but I don't know how I got lost in the middle ..... quitting each time.

The excercises I usually do (when I have time/remember) are (please tell me if I am doing anything wrong):

- Rotations (clockwise and the opposite)
- crossing eyes (I stare at my nose then at the middle of my eyebrows).
- Close and far (I put my thumb at my arm lenght and I put my other thumb very close to my face and stare the first then the second, many times).
- when I can I hold a book upside down and try to read the letters holding the book as far as I see blurred.

Other excercises I do when I remember are:
-Swinging (swing from left to right letting my eyes move with my body without looking/staring at anything in particular, I just see everything moving in front of me).
-I try to follow an imaginary straight line moving my eyes as smoothly as possible (not jumping from close to far but trying to follow the line)
-SNELLEN chart, though I practice through my computer screen, I just open a Snellen on my computer screen, I sit back and try to see the smallest line I see blurry, no matter at what distance as long as I see it blurry.... I try to focus on it, look at it, try to see the letter .... I breathe, I blink .... I stare ..... but honestly nothing really ever changed except for once ... when I blinked and I saw crystal clear BUT, if was weird because I felt like I had a little of a double vision too ..... are those the famous CLEAR FLASHES??!?!

Anyway, I believe it never really worked for me because I don't do them constantly maybe?? Any suggestions about the excercises I do?? Are they right?
I recently started to think that I should give up and start wearing glasses, I have a pair that my old doc (8 years ago, last time I went to an eye doc, LOL) prescribed be, he intentionally prescribed them a little weaker (without me even asking him!!) he was pretty disgusted by my eyesight though (lol) ... now when I try them on, I can see almost 20/40 ... which I believe is ok for driving at least.

So, I was thinking of starting to wear them to use the computer, to drive .... etc ... I also thought of having Lasik at one point, but I am a little scared of the long run consequences and plus, I know a few eye docs who perform lasik but they STILL WEAR GLASSES; I am sure there is a reason Smile

Anyways, sorry for the long post ... any suggestions would be really appreciated!!
Hi Eve, thanks for taking the time to share your interesting and long story which captivated and absorbed me for a good few minutes! Well, the first thing you have to do is discard your glasses forever, and having told us that you were able to go through life without feeling any urgent need as such to start wearing glasses until only recently, and were able to put up with the blur without much discomfort of any real kind except on occasions such as when working in groups in the fear of slight embarresment of not being able to see things which your collegues could, such as small text on the computer screens in the distance, it seems to me that you should have no difficulties in doing this. You are quite correct in feeling fortunate that never having worn glasses has meant your vision is 'unspoiled', to a certain extent, but don't go thinking that you won't need to be just as devoted and dilligent in the practice of the system as anyone else who has worn glasses. Dr. Bates did indeed find in his own experience that people who had never worn glasses, especially children, were much more responsive to the rest methods and easier to cure than those who had, such as adults who had worn glasses for a great part of their life, however he often found exceptions to this general rule where adults past the age of even 60 or 70 were cured just as easily and rapidly as the average child would be, and one striking illustration of this was the case of an elderly man who had worn glasses since the age of 3 yet was able to restore perfect vision in a matter of minutes with the aid of the imagination of perfect black whilst reading the snellen and fine print and the near point. This man then went on to even improve his sight to almost telescopic and microscopic levels!

As for the exercises you are doing, I'm afraid the vast majority of them have very little relation to the system of principles and methods devised by the great Dr.Bates, and in fact many of the things you are doing are counterproductive to the principles of normal sight and will spoil your vision if you continue with them. For example, you describe yourself having exercised your eyes with such means as 'staring', which, believe it or not, is the number one route to destroying both your eyesight and general health. So first things first, you need to get rid of all these misconceptions of eyesight improvement via silly calisthenics which are not beneficial in the slightest bit, and I would venture to say that not only are you wasting your own time by practicing them, but you are doing a great harm to your sight and mental state. There are other exercises however, such as swinging and blinking and breathing that you talked about, which certainly do have roots in the original and real Bates system.

In order to become familiar with the real stuff and to enable yourself to be free of false misconceptions, the first requisite, the absolute obligation of anyone serious about getting cured from imperfect sight, is to read Bates' original and unadulterated book called 'The Cure of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses', which you can buy on amazon for a fairly cheap price. You can also read it on this website but reading it online from a computer screen can be tiring to one suffering from imperfect sight (although a person with normal sight can read easily from a monitor without any fatigue or harm). So for that reason I suggest getting the paperback version in its physical form, which you can read in the great natural light of the bright sun and start your journey of recovery from there. This book is the foundation of everything, the base that explains it all, so you have to at least read it once and then begin applying the principles to your life, and then read it again and again later on to uncover parts you missed or didn't understand before (don't try to understand it all the first time round, because it's impossible - no one can and if you did you wouldn't have imperfect sight in the first place).

Hope this helped.
Dear Kazekage,

Thank you for your reply ... and thanks for taking the time to read my long post.

I can't believe that the excercises I have been doing where actually harmful to my eyes ... you won't believe it but I can swear I felt like my eyesight got worse everytime I was doing them ... that's basically why I kept on stopping ..... so whose theory are those excercises? I was sure those were Bates ...

So Bates basically believes only in palmist, blinking and breathing .... and using the Snellen chart, is that correct.
I know I should read the book .... I will ....I can also print it out from the website I guess and read it like that.

So now on I'll focus on relaxing, breathing and blinking ... what about the eyes movement, is that harmful too? I somewhere read that you are supposed to keep on moving your eyes .... so, for example, if you are trying to read the Snellen chart, smoothly go through the whole line .... trying to relax your eyes ....
I read so much about it, all over the internet, but maybe none all of them were authentic even though they claimed they were using the Bates method.

I would like to hear what worked for people who actually succeeded ... which exercises worked for them ... what did they focus on ....

I am a disaster ... I really hope I'll be able to help my eyesight because deeply inside I believe in this method ... I do ... otherwise I wouldn't be on here.
Eve Wrote:Dear Kazekage,
So Bates basically believes only in palmist, blinking and breathing .... and using the Snellen chart, is that correct.

So now on I'll focus on relaxing, breathing and blinking ... what about the eyes movement, is that harmful too? I somewhere read that you are supposed to keep on moving your eyes .... so, for example, if you are trying to read the Snellen chart, smoothly go through the whole line .... trying to relax your eyes ....
Here is my suggestion:
Don't read "somewhere", read Dr. Bates' book. There is a load of crap on the internet, and nobody has any clue what they are talking about. It's best to go for the original source and interpret it for yourself.

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