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Pinhole Glasses
Hi, new poster here.

I've just discovered the Bates method and have begun to use it to help my myopia.  I gave us wearing my glasses for everything but driving, and bought a pair of pinhole glasses to use the computer at work.  I'm just not sure how to use them.  The only way I can get them to work is to focus on one hole in the middle and keep moving my head from left to right as I read sentences.  Is this correct?  If I try any other way, the glasses get in the way.  Does anyone else have experience with them?
Hi shadymc,

It might have to do with the quality of the pinhole glasses, ie: how far apart the holes are. If they're too far apart, you'll get the problem you describe, although even with good quality ones the effect won't be totally absent.

Did you get them from or elsewhere?

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Thanks for your response.  I got them elsewhere.  I am going to checkout the Batesmethod store right away.

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