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Possible connection to amalgam fillings and bad eyesight
Its worht looking into and reading about, even if there is not much of a connection .

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What do people think ?
Interesting, i hadn't thought of it affecting my eyesight. I've been thinking of removing mine so I don't get Alzheimer's when I'm old! I guess eyeight improvement would be one more reason... Though, I have also read that removing amalgam exposes you to way more toxic vapors than keeping them in teh rest of your life. And what if a small piece is swallowed when it's removed? I'll have to read more about it before removing them.
Ive been a memeber of the amalgam forum for a long time, and they discuss how to remove them properly versus dentists who dont remove them properly , and this is the main part of getting them removed. I read a lot on that forum, and Its very interesting.

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