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check this website out
Hi Istsme, I also suffer from floaters and have been trying MSM Eyedrops but with no results. The drops and the eye wash you suggest, are they only available in the USA? I live in France so I would rather order them from the UK. You say that they are available in the UK as well... where?
Hi Clark.

I wish you good luck with the nac eyedrops! I put the drops in 2x a day (morning & evening). Make sure that after you put a drop in your eye that you keep it closed for about 1 minute.. This way your eye can absorb as much as it can.. If you leave
your eye open most of it will run out.. Or does that just go without saying ? ;D

I agree with what you said about mercola and bates.. He actually eventually did come out and give Bates claim to
the eye excercises.. but it took a long time..

Oh, thanks for calling me brave (well my ego thanks you) but definitely I really was 'just hanging in there' was not easy.
I'm still amazed that my outcome was so good..prayer was definitely the factor.. I did actually write about my injury and stuff..
you're right it's on probably bits and pieces of several different pages and posts.. Let me just write a summary if that helps:

-Original prescription: -6 : -.75 astig left eye / -5 : -.75 astig right eye
-Got reduced contacts : -5 : -.75 astig left eye / -4 : -.75 right eye
-Wore + 2 lens over contacts while on computer (at work) for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
-Did Bates exercises & some Vision for life: 3 cups, palming, the clock (or also called the Ferris Wheel), string beads, hung a
ring on a string on the ceiling and watched it swing back and forth - 15 minutes a day.
- After 1 year I reduced prescription of contacts to : -4.5 : -.75 astig left eye / -3.5 : -.75 astig. right eye
- Shortly thereafter had abrasion to right eye and entry of fungus (Source: hay)
- Diagnosed with fungal keratitis. At early point of eye examination had 20/20 in both eyes with reduced prescription !!
- Medications (6 different ones or more): The only names I haven't blocked out from my memory were Tobramycin, cortisone (which spread fungus). Eventually the right medication for 4 - 6 months: Zymar and Voriconazole.
- Alternative treatments: Specialized kinesiology ( I had problems with my eyelid, like I lost control of it. Eye movements
were stiff and jerky in that I had problems looking to the right and up) I have fully recovered both functions. I also took
Nature's sunshine Silver Shield a very high and patented Colloidal Silver which does not build up in the body. I drank
1 bottle every day for 7 days and then was on maintenance for about 2 months. I put the silver in my eye every hour
initially when I could only see shadows (SO scary!) and worked down to 3 drops every day. I also took Cat's Claw everyday and
Chlorophyll in my water. Nacetycarnosine eye drops after 4 months. Got rid of hairy black floaters in about 3 months.
- Prayer: Lots of people praying for me, and praying for the Doctor.
- End result: Didn't need a corneal transplant, but ended up with a superficial scar (3mm) over a part of central fixation.
Surgery wasn't necessary.
- I did not do any eye exercises or plus lens for those 6 months while on treatment.
I ended up with prescription of -5.5 in left eye / -3.5 with -2.75 astig in right eye All my wonderful work down the
drain.. ) :
- Currently wearing reduced: -4.75 left eye / -3.5 with -1.75 astig right eye . I am finding my right eye very very tense
when doing the clock (ferris wheel) - mostly in looking up. I was told astig was result of scar and wouldn't get better.
Doing the ferris wheel confirms to me I can undo it by getting those muscles relaxed again or I may go for another session of
Specialized kinesiology.
- Back on my program again, with adding Dr. Beck's BT7 Biotuner. Sleeping much deeper but I'd love to get rid of the scar..
if I could just increase the energy in there.. who knows??????
- Last snellen : I am finding I can see 20/30 with my right eye now - yay!! thinking of reducing further..
Left eye is still the same at 20/40 sometimes 20/50.

There you go.. Wake up -you can stop snoring now!
Regards, Its Smile me
Hi Francisca.
I too tried MSM eyedrops a long time ago. I always had a few minor floaters being nearsighted.
Anyways, it didn't do anything for me either. I actually made the eyedrops myself.. It mightbe the reason it failed! Big Grin

Yes, you can certainly buy the NaC drops, if you live in France. The inventor was Russian and the company is in
the UK. I am sure that they would sell to you for sure. As I mentioned they are relatively expensive.. :-[ or
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Great story itsme!! Thank you.
I print and keep these in my office for students to read.
Have sorris's progress posted too. It really helps to motivate people that visit and ask for vision improvement help but are reluctant to try a new method.
Did you know that 'Better Eyesight Magazines' have Dr. Bates treatments for cornea injuries/scars. allowed me to copy his mags. I then did a first spell check and put some pictures on the Stories from the clinic book and hope to do same for the mags.
Still needs another proofread, spellcheck. These are converted to Adobe reader PDF and are free.
The pictures help the reader quickly grasp the meaning of the treatments.
The adobe reader download for the mags and books has word, chapter search.
You can type in the word; cornea injury, scar... and Adobe will search all places in the mags, books that have the cure for this condition.
David sells the original copies, no spelling errors, has Adobe search...
My friend in South San Francisco, CA burnt his cornea when accidently looking near the sun through a telescope.
His friend forgot to put the protective eye piece in the telescope.
He had a scar for a while but it got better.
He read Peppard's and Bate's old books and used the method.
Itsme, do you think that the NaC drops are better than the Dr. Christopher ones or is it the same? How many bottles did you use? Thanks, Francisca
Thank you so much Clark for the link to this info. I did not know that Bates had something for scars ! I will
check it out immediately. I would give anything to get rid of the scar! It gives me vision like there's a drop of water
on the words..

p.s any sign of boo boo ?

Regards, Its Smile me
Hi Francisca.
Man, you asked a good question and I really can't give you a good answer. I did Dr. Christopher several years ago
and stopped after 2 months so I cannot really cannot give you a testimonial on it's full effects. It sure is cheaper
than the NAC drops..

I think you asked me if Dr. Christophers was an eyewash. Yes it is.. I believe you put like 3 drops
in some water and then you do the eyewash. Your eyes will burnm but only as much as you want or
can tolerate (depending how many drops you use). The NAC drops are eye drops and do not sting the eyes.
You can put them inm and go about your business 1 minute later...

So pros and cons for both.. tough decision. ???

Regards, Its Smile me

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