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I think I have intermittent Exotropia. It usually happens when I look at far way objects. And sometimes when near/mid range. I have never worn glasses my whole life. My left eye is worst off then my right. My right is 20/20 while my left needs to see bet at 14 feet when others just require 20 feet. (not sure if its 14/20 or 20/14 lol.) Does that mean I am using my left eye too much and not too much of my right eye? I observed that its my right eye that is going exo. My dominant eye is also my left eye. I don't think I see double when I see file, either my brain shuts off the other exotropia vision that can give the double or some of the blurry caused by having non-perfect eyesight is actually caused by double vision. I am not sure.

I read the internet and found in many websites that vision therapy corrects intermittent exotropia. But I do no know how to do these exercises that are required... anyone knows what I must do? As for my left eye, i plan to continue sun gaze it to perfection along with my right. Will that affect and worsen my exotropia in any way? Those wearing eye patches help? on which eye? what kind?

I have visible eye bags too.. any reduction steps for that too?
#2 ; see chapter on switching close and far and shifting with both eyes and one eye at a time.
Janet/Carina Goodrich And Thomas Quackenbush also teach vision improvement for eye/eyes that wander... less clear vision in one eye.
See links to their sites, books on

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