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Woo Hoo clear flash!!!
I just woke up after 10 hours of awesome sleep and then did a little palming for a few minutes. I was looking out into the distant trees while rotating back and forth on my chair and for like half a second my vision just cleared up and I thought I had my contacts in or something. Before I even got the chance to see exactly how clear it was I blinked because I was so surprised and it went away! O0 O0 O0
Congradulations on the clear flashes. It should tell you that you are on the right track. It may go away with a blink for now, but the flashes will come more often, so don't get dishearted when they leave. Be thankful for them and press on. Rome wasn't build in a day. Your eyes didn't get this bad over night, nor will they get back to clear vision as quick. I know people who I tell about the Bates Method, and they don't have the open mind or the desire to do anything that costs them something. Bates Method is not free. It costs time and energy.


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