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Conscious sleep!?
Last night I've experienced a weird phenomenon. I am an insomniac and for a few nights I have done some sleeping techniques named EFT and self-hypnosis. They helped me sleep normally but last night something very intriguing happened. I was doing the self-hypnosis technique: breath in and on the exhale say relaxing words like "restful", "relaxation", etc. I felt my body and mind relaxed then I barely could feel my hands and had no spacial sense about the room I was sleeping in. I could only feel my body but only barely.

I continued to repeat the words thinking that it was just a normal state of relaxation and it had to be maintained. I repeated "relaxation" 10 times on the exhale, then my brain went into a deep state of relaxation. I could finally feel it clear, effortless with not the slightest bit of stress and tension. Then all of a sudden, I could feel my eyes pulsating very fastly and strongly(maybe REM?).

In all this time ,though, my mind was active and I could think about anything I want. I even could move my body a little, smile,etc. The interesting thing is that while my brain was in a deep state of relaxation, when I imagined the swing Bates was talking about, I could imagine a clock swinging with the speed of light and keep it in my head for a longer period. When I imagine the same now when my mind isn't clear, the clock goes on much more slowly. It seems like Bates was right again, we remember and imagine things best when the mind is at rest. And also, I wanted to imagine a scene from a video game hoping to relax me to normal sleep but I couldn't, because my mind went on much too quickly and the motion of the images were at fast fast fast forward.

I managed to "sleep" in this conscious way about 30 minutes, listening to the music of a night club outside and everything that a person could do awake, only that with my eyes closed and sitting in bed. I think I got into this state after relaxing my body and mind, but keeping my brain active while repeating words in my head. Waking up was rather abrupt, but that's because I was scared ;D and after doing so I felt energized just like after sleeping. My eyes hurt, but that always happens when I wake up in the middle of the night at 3:40 AM. After waking up, I fell back to normal sleep.

Has anything similar happened to anyone else here? What happened to me was not lucid dreaming which is more common, I was totally in control in the real world. And also, the deep state of relaxation of my brain. I think my mind never felt so relaxed in my whole life. Do I have to attain this state of relaxation to let go of the strain and improve my vision?

P.S: The self-hypnosis technique helps for normal sleep and not this kind of sleep. Here's the article: And I am 100% sure that I was sleeping and I can remember perfectly what I did while doing it. I have been using this method for the last 5 nights and this is the only time that this "conscious sleep" occurs.
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