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avoiding spyware, viruses
What is the best web search tool?
Every time I use explorer and go on a few vision improvment sites my comouter picks up spyware, a variety of viruses and other junk that slows, crashes my computer, gets into my pictures, files.
I then have to do a complete scan, removal with my security software.
Is there a better security system that can block this from getting to my computer or should I use a different browser?
I have purchased an xtra computer to be used seperately from the internet to avoid this problem.
No connection to the internet, no spys in my files.
I don't think this has to do with the Bates method, but you can try the Zone Alarm firewall and avast anti-virus + Spyware terminator. That's what I'm using right now and I don't have any viruses, at least not any that I know of. Smile
which vision improvement sites are these? Reputable ones or the usual 'buy my book and do exercizes for 2 mintues a day'? Would be interesting to know...

I just use Firefox instead of IE. It doesn't pick that shit up. Most firewall and antivirus programs will slow down your computer.

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Most all sites I go on are for vision improvment, but get viruses from other sites too.
I do not download software for my computer screen anymore.
I will try firefox.
Alos lost sound when play you tube and other viedos on internet, but not all sites, and not when playing from computer without internet.
Lots people complaining about Youtube, flash player no sound.
Yes, if you're going to use M$ window$ anyways, the best browser is Firefox. I would recommend looking into the "Linux" operating system, which is free of cost and free of problems such as spyware, adware, malware, viruses, etc. You can even dual boot it with windows if you must. I would especially recommend looking into linux as time goes by and as corporate software companies like microsoft and apple expect you to keep shelling out more and more money for something I as well as the Free software community believe should be eternally free of cost and restriction. Mozilla Firefox is also based on these ideas. I have never paid more than 200$ for a computer, yet I run the cutting edge Linux/Unix software. When you cut out the crap, your system runs faster, better, and you are free of "problems" thought to be routine. It's kind of like the Bates Method. Imperfect sight, as well as computer problems, are not inevitable and are curable. Smile
I removed all add on toolbars from yahoo, google, aol and now explorer works ok.
No sound on you tube viedos with explorer but yes with firefox.

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