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LCD and eyepain
You have a good article. I will just add a few simple points.

While LCDs are better than CRTs in many respects, these are some problems of LCD technology.

1. They loose their crystal clear sharpness if the default resolution is changed.
2. The depth of the black color is not as good in LCD as in CRT. CRT produces almost perfect black and has better contrast than LCD although LCD has better color depth and range for most other colors.
3. Refresh rates are usually lower for LCD making them less suitable for fast animations.
4. You should usually sit very straight and make no angles.

Check if (1) is your problem. (2) is always going to be a problem for myopes who have inherest problem in imagining good black. If you are using the computer mostly for fast animations such as movies or games, CRT is probably better for the eyes as well. (4) could cause considerable discomfort to many people as the many ways in which we relax ( by changing our posture) using the CRT is lost. When I use my computer at home, I stand, I skip, sit on the chair, sit on the floor alternatively and break the tension in all sorts of ways and I will never use an LCD for this single reason alone.

The brightness of the LCD is not its problem per se. Brightness becomes a problem when accompanied by poor contrast. LCD has poor black depth thus creating a rather artificially bright screen not mimicing mother nature. And whatever is not natural will almost always affect the eyes but as Dr.Bates says if you can adjust it could be beneficial as well and the initial discomfort may finally go away. In all probability, those with good natural vision will easily adjust to the LCD - if you can look at the sun without discomfort then what else can bother you?

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