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Good idea to palm with the radio in the background ??
Only something gentle, like radio 4 or radio 5, would this help or does it reduce the effectiveness of palming ??
I have heard both sides from diff people - some supporting the idea of music and others not in favour. Music is certainly good for overall relaxing but it need not necessarily help with vision improvement. The main aim while palming is probably to try to improve visualization such as trying to imagine a swinging period. Palming aids this visualization by giving the eyes complete rest if it can see black. When perfect black can be seen with the eyes closed, the mind is also perfectly relaxed and this condition is ideal for visualizing a swinging period. As your ability to see black and visualize improve with eyes closed, someday you will be able to visualize perfectly with open eyes( which gives good vision) - this is how you basically use palming.

On the other hand if you dont do anything during palming and try to listen to music it may still help you achieve relaxation. But it is better to practice visualization during palming though it is not very easy at the outset.
or just listening to a radio phone in?


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