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much better
I think when we improve eyesight by natural methods, our vision in good light improves much faster than the vision in poor light. Clear flashes are more frequent in sunlight than in poorly lit indoors. Although finally you may endup with normal vision under all lighting conditions, if you practice the routines in low light conditions you have a better chance of maintaining your VA under good light and poor light neck to neck. Spend some time at night outdoors and it improves vision under low light conditions ( yes this practice benefits vision overall). Try to read a book in poor light ( of course take care not to strain by blinking and shifting) and it will definitely help improve vision. This is because a higher degree of relaxation of the eye is need in poor light than in good light.
Today I've got too some (temporary) improvement: I've got a 20/20 clear flash on cloudy weather. Comes to show that even not doing the exercises and ignoring your eyes is much better than wearing glasses ( I've never worn any glasses, except playing for 5 seconds with my parents' glasses Smile ). I'm going to get into meditation, then read more about Bates and start the exercises again, only this time I hope I won't do them wrong. Smile

Good luck to all of us. Smile
Ram, congratulations on your success and I wish you more in the future! :)

I have a question: Would you say that practicing on the eye chart was necessary to your improvement? I've been avoiding doing that because it caused me strain. But because I've been stuck on 20/40 since I started, and I'm hoping I could get the opinion of somebody who has improved their vision. :)

I was just wondering...I'm 16 and my vision is getting worse and worse (from -1 to -2 and now -2.75). I am in a similar situation like you. I'm not that social so I spend a lot of time indoors and in front of things which give a lot of eyestrain. I just wanted to know, has your vision really improved????? I really do not want to waste my time with another fraud product, so please respond!!

Dear Arod,

Subject: Are you "cheated" by Bates methods?

The only way Ram can establish that he is successful is by checking
his vision on a Snellen.

But the you have the choice of "trusting" him -- or not.

But one way to determine if YOU are successful, is to not
"depend" on your "prescription", but read your own Snellen.

Just click here, and then on "Display" several times.

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I know of children who had a -2 diopter lens "prescribed" (for
Best Visual Acuity) have their parents check their Snellen.
When the parents checked, the child had 20/40 vision.
This would PASS the DMV-Snellen -- for driving a car.

As Bates intimated, the "minus" is a very bad idea.

And over-prescription and wearing it all the time had
an adverse effect.

So, with due respect, follow Bates and begin this check.

Ram is correct -- but you can only find your own
success by reading your Snellen.

I wish you all success,

Ram Wrote:When I started three months ago, I could not read a single sign board, street signs, names on shops, hotels, office buildings, schools etc however big the letters were. Anything beyond ten feet I could never read whatever the size. Nowadays when I have a stroll on the roads I can really read a number of letters and signs. It is not 'better blur interpretation' at all and I feel like laughing at those eye doctors who offer that explanation for explaining the success stories of Bates practitioners. It is because I never even saw the letters before as nothing was visible so there is no question of interpreting the nothingness to make out letters. Blur interpretation is possible only when blurred letter is visible and no 'blur interpretation' is possible when you see nothing.

Sometimes the letters appear clear too. I am pleasantly surprised at the turn of events. I have become much more committed now and will work towards restoring full 20/20 vision or close to it. I have seen my vision go from an average 6/200 to abt 20/200 now and in good sunlight i can see better and occasionally have glimpses of 20/100. The best I had was better than 10/40 for a few seconds. I think I owe my success to my taking off glasses completely when I was near blind and yet had to function normally as a software professional. My performance at work has been affected( and I got a few warnings too and felt very embarassed) because of the lack of even substandard vision but I will make up for it after an year or so when I expect both my vision and memory to improve much better.

The improvement is permanent and not just clear flashes because I retain the improvement over 80% of the day. I have become better at producing temporary clear flashes almost whenever i desire now - I just need to start looking at a blank wall for a few minutes and I can recover very fast from any blackouts due to excessive work.

hmm...thats kinda inspiring story bro...i appreciate your determination and for not giving up...keep it up...

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