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Bad website hosting service
Does anyone know a good website hosting service in USA or Europe?
My host's ( software causes my site ( to goof up with double images, text and then they charge $75.00 per hour to fix the problem they caused or try to sell a $200.00 web template kit.
Also strange that they call me on the phone to sell tech service the exact moment a page on my site goofs up and they say; we just noticed your having double images on your page.
They moved tech suport to philipines and most of the people cannot speak english well or repair web malfunctions.
Going out of my mind, help!!!
This site is hosted with They've been in business for many years and I think I've been with them for like 5 years now. There are occasional weird problems, but I'm pretty technical and know what I'm doing, so I can handle it. Very cheap pricing. I don't think I've ever called their phone support.

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